Salesman Fucks Mature Housewife: 1940s Retro WW2 Amateur Blowjob

Housewife Fucks Salesman Porn Video

A housewife has a guest. He brings her some goods, but she runs out of money to pay him. Her husband is at work, so she decides to cheat on him. The couple gets naked and has oral sex. The MILF has good cock sucking skills. She fucks the guest and fills her pussy with sperm. Read more

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Mature Housewife Pays Salesman with Hardcore Fucking in the 1940s

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A hot opens her door to a charming salesman in the 1940s. As they discuss their business, she realizes she doesn't have enough cash to pay the man. In desperation and horniness, she suggests an alternative method of payment: sucking his dick.

They don't waste any time getting naked and touching each other's naked bodies. The is the queen of the blowjob as she sucks the salesman's dick. The man returns the favor by licking her until it's dripping wet.

With both parties fully aroused, the salesman bends the horny bitch over and takes her from behind like a man - doggy style! The woman moans with pleasure as he thrusts deeper into her tight pussy, hitting all those sweet spots perfectly. Their chemistry is electric as they move together in perfect sexual harmony.

As their passion builds to a climax, the salesman fills this slutty housewife's vagina with his hot cum - pumping it deep inside her until he's squeezed every last drop of cum out of her! She eagerly takes it all in before collapsing in ecstasy on the bed next to him. You can see the cum dripping from her cunt.

This vintage porn video captures a moment of sexual liberation in the '40s when society was still quite conservative - but these two sexy fuckers didn't give a shit about societal norms or moral values! The movie shows that even then, people were willing to fuck on camera and take risks for pleasure - just like today!

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