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Erotica has been created by practically every civilization that has existed. It dates way before the first hardcore porn was filmed. The ancient Greeks and Romans integrated erotic art with their spiritual and cultural practices.

Erotica is artistic and was expressed in all art forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and film.

This page focuses on vintage erotic depictions in film. The footage is not your typical hardcore porn but still successfully showcases human sexuality throughout the vintage eras.

Our vintage erotica porn videos span the naughty mid-50s, '60s, and '70s through the '80s. You can tell these eras apart from the film quality and background sound. Erotica from the '50s feature pop music of the time and was shot from the popular 8 mm film cameras.

The colored films are from the 1970s and 1980s. They have dialogue and heavily suggestive action. Throughout the eras, big-breasted girls stole the show. This made the '50s models like Janey Reynolds and Candy Morrison famous.

Watch these kinky dames suggestively flaunt their big titties, naturally hairy pussies, and killer curves. Discover how erotica has evolved over the years, and you can near-accurately predict what the future holds for this beloved vintage porn genre.

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