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Fall in love with the of Marge Middleton and you'll be one of the millions as her bosom was celebrated throughout at the height of her modeling career. Seductive eyes and a sexy smile add to her allure, as does her fondness for sexy black stockings and the occasional appearance of a totally shaved pussy. She's truly an irresistible British .

Impeccable brunette Marge Middleton with huge soft tits and hard nipples

Impeccable brunette Marge Middleton with huge erotic tits and hard nipples

Information about the origins of Marge Middleton (also known as Margaret Middleton) is hard to come by, but she is believed to have been born in pin-up model in the late .

It's likely she worked as a showgirl and/or in Soho clubs in her early 20s as it was difficult to earn a living solely posing topless for magazines. Plus, she's a beautiful girl with a great set of boobs, so you have to imagine she found it easy to earn cash shaking her on stage. In the issue of "Fling," she was said to have been discovered as an airline stewardess, but it's likely that was made up to make her pictures more appealing.

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Over the course of a magazine modeling career that spanned more than half a decade, Marge posed frequently for famous photographers Russell Gay and Roger Davis along with a number of US photographers that enjoyed her non-American looks. This classic large-breasted British pornstar appeared in numerous men's magazines of the era including "Amber," "Coral," "Fling," "Kamera," "Model," "Parade," "QT" and "Revue."

She was always a big seller, a fact that will come as no surprise to anyone that's seen how beautiful and busty she is. There are a few stag films on her resume though they're presumed lost since the footage is no longer available. She has two movie credits, the first a short film called "Teenage Diary" and the second a sexploitation film called "Candy Stripe Nurses," where she plays a .

A curvy 42-26-38 inches (107-66-97 centimeters, see Table 1), 5 feet, 6 inches (168 centimeters) model, Marge Middleton has splendid DD/E US (E EU/Int) cup tits to show off in her topless and nude pictures with sexy little nipples and pink areolas. She's genetically blessed to have such stunningly perky boobs as they sit rather high on her chest and look wonderfully round, even without the assistance of a pose to pull them up.

Her smile is particularly charming, thanks in part to big front teeth that she shows proudly. When she flashes those pearly whites in genuine smiling pictures, it's a joyful experience that makes you fall just a little bit in love with her.

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Lusty Makeup and Hot Lingerie Sizzle on Sweet Smiling Girl

In almost all of her magazine work Marge used both mascara and makeup to enhance the beauty of her eyes, and though it's a subtle thing you might not notice unless you're inspecting her up close, it's remarkably effective in making her a hot . She was fond of the beehive hairdo too, and though it doesn't always look good on a model it was marvelously sexy on her. This curvaceous vintage pornstar looks sweet and youthful when she wears her hair that way, exuding a sort of sensual vulnerability that proves highly arousing, particularly as your eyes drift down and stare at her with her nipples having grown hard in excitement.

Most of her pinup work is in black and white, with a few shoots in color. As was typical of the era, the color pictures have wildly different tints that tend to make her look like wildly different in each. There's one where her eyes are an almost bright green, her nipples are rosy pink, and her lips emanate pink. It looks a touch odd, to be honest.

In the later years of her career, Marge Middleton advanced to a more sophisticated and sexier look. She changed her hair to a short bob, used heavier eye makeup, and wore luscious dark lipstick for almost every shoot. She looks like a different person, which is a remarkable accomplishment. She still has the same stunning 42DD/E US (95E EU/Int, see Table 2) big tits though; they look a touch larger, in fact, perhaps because she put on a bit of weight that increased her curves and bosom. Oddly enough, she almost never shows her ass in her photo shoots, even though it looks great the few times it appears. She must have known her were the money maker and stuck to flashing them.

Stockings and garters are a frequent accompaniment to the beauty of pinup babe Marge Middleton in her lovely pictures. This well-endowed kitten looks incredible with seamed black nylons clinging to her legs and a pair of high heels keeping her nice and tight.

You'll see her in from time to time, but she was also happy to show us her shaved with frequency. It seems that British models of the era were far more likely to shave their bush, and when you gaze between her legs and see the lack of you'll understand why since she has tight pussy lips that look exceedingly arousing.

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Marge was a solo pin-up girl for most of her career, with the exception of a few shoots with other ladies. One has her with a blonde girl as they both pose in sheer white robes, opening them to reveal and to the camera. That's one of the few times she took pictures outdoors, typically staying inside to play in the bedroom, flirt with the camera while draped on the living room couch, or putter around the kitchen in her lingerie.

Beautiful, sexy, and blessed with perky big natural titties, Marge Middleton is a gorgeous brunette pinup babe with a bald pussy and great affection for sexy stockings and alluring eye makeup. Join Vintage Cuties to see their collection of most of her published pictures, putting together quite the archive of shots of this New Zealand-born British model. Whether nude or gallivanting in sexy lingerie she's a breathtaking sort of woman well worth your attention and time.

Marge Middleton body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Marge Middleton physical body statistics
Height5 ft 6 in168 cm
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements42-26-38 in107-66-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Marge Middleton?

Table 2

Marge Middleton bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DD/E95E42DD110E7E20DDE95
What bra and cup size did Marge Middleton wear?
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