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Guys who are into big, beautiful women (BBW's) know they are bound to a unique fetish. Men who are not into BBW's look at those girls and are either neutral about them or may even go so far as to say "yuck!." So it is rare - exceedingly rare - when a shows up who can get a lot of men turned on by her looks alone. Karen Brown was one of those special big beauties. Karen had a soft, angelic face that drew in men, and a captivating smile to boot. This queen was not only open with her body - she was brazen with how she would expose her to the camera lens. Karen Brown was large, with massive BBW tits but she was damn sexy, too.

Chubby babe Karen Brown in a provocative yellow robe with massive cracked boobs

Chubby babe Karen Brown in a provocative yellow robe with massive cracked tits

There is not much biographical information available on this BBW siren except her year of birth - (age 70). Karen appears to have popped into the men's adult magazine scene out of nowhere. However, with 48-36-44 inches (122-91-112 centimeters, see Table 1) measurements, 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimeters) height and 190 pounds (86 kilograms) weight, when she made her appearance, she exploded into view and was a staple of BBW and big tit models throughout the '70s. Karen Brown not only posed under her given name, but also photographed under various stage names like Sza Sza, Sza Sza Brastowski, Zsa Zsa, Avril, Janey, Molly, Kathy, and Helen.

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A big girl with big assets, Karen Brown knew how to pose both her face and her body for the camera

What made this so exceptional? First and foremost were her tits. An appropriate description of these DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup breasts were massive to the point of being udders. One look at them and you knew they were all natural. How huge were they? These boobs looked like they might explode.

Some pictures reveal veins in Karen Brown's 48DDD/F US (110F EU/Int, see Table 2) cup tits that looked like they were trying to fight their way through the nipples. But you knew they caused her no discomfort. She would smilingly squeeze her breasts for the camera and create cavernous cleavage that any man would drool over. Karen would also drape her arm under them, cradle those massive mammaries and pose her boobs for all to admire.

And let us talk about this BBW queen's . It is all over her pictorial work. This chubby vintage pornstar showed it off like a prized possession. And don't forget - she was a widely photographed model in the '70s. Certain grooming habits among women were not in fashion back then. Karen Brown was all natural. Her pussy was unshaven and ran almost from hip to hip. Men who love would faint at the sight of this girl's vagina.

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Big busty babe Karen Brown poses and teases herself

Karen had sexy appearance on camera with her big tits floating in blue water in a pool

The one angle all men could agree upon was how cute this babe was. Her face was framed by high cheekbones and a pearly white smile. Dark eyes held the camera's gaze in all her work. She had pencil-thin eyebrows that ran in contrast to her bush. In the majority of her pictures, Karen wore gorgeous long, straight , which framed her face beautifully.

In some of her photos, this model styled her hair into a bob cut, but all this did was to make her look heavier than she already was. The long hair look was far sexier.

Surprisingly, while her ass was giant, it had a very sexy appearance on camera. Because this supersize retro sex star was a big girl, you would expect that ass to be cellulite-ridden and dimpled. But in Karen Brown's case this was not the situation. While it was big, it was quite shapely and smooth. This cutie evidently appreciated the sunshine, too, because the milky white skin on her rear glowed against her bronzed legs and arms. If you are into tan lines, this diva had them.

One special treat offered by Karen Brown was the enormous volume of work she did in pools. She loved being photographed floating around in blue water with her giant breasts heaving on the surface. Karen would let droplets of water dangle from her as she played in the pool and smiled for the camera.

In some photos, she let her cute face compete with her massive tits for the camera's attention. The look on Karen's face seemed to say "Pay no attention to these enormous boobs below my chin ... look up at my cute smile instead!"

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This woman appealed to both chubby-chasers and the changing societal values to become America's first size queen

As you can guess, this girl fit specialized sexual niches, and that reflected in where her pictures appeared. Magazines with titles like "," "Cute Sexy BBW," "Chubby," "Kingsize International" and "Supermamas" frequently portrayed this . Her success is reflected in the fact that she was frequently the main attraction or in these works.

This sexy super-sized model's portfolio reflected the changing times when she was actively working, too. The '70s were a time of "free love" and changing social values brought on by the hippie generation. Karen Brown made at least two shoots. One of these showed a much smaller girl licking whipped cream off one of her giant boobs. The dairy allusion with breasts is plain and obvious in this series, but so is the idea of using calorie-rich food with this plus-sized beauty.

Karen Brown's film work is still available nowadays thanks to the interest in . You can find screen material of this doll in re-released DVD films like "Big Bust Babes #1," "Super Juggs" and "Titanic Naturals."

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Karen Brown body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Karen Brown physical body statistics
Height5 ft 5 in165 cm
Weight190 lb86 kg
Bust size48 in122 cm
Waist size36 in91 cm
Hip size44 in112 cm
Measurements48-36-44 in122-91-112 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Karen Brown?

Table 2

Karen Brown bra size and breast cup size
Bra size48DDD/F110F48E125F10F26EF110
What bra and cup size did Karen Brown wear?
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