Top Vintage Pornstars, Pin-ups and Classic Nude Actresses from the 1960s

The are remembered for the rise of liberal attitudes toward sex - and it's the decade broadly defined by the sexual revolution. It was a time when blue movies went mainstream and porn stars emerged from the underworld. But what was porn like in the ?

Stag, Sexploitation, and Hardcore Sex Films

Much of the sex depicted in porn of this period is often pantomimed, and softcore/nudity was very much the order of the day.

Known as loops (or "stag" reels), these short porn clips were played on machines found in sex shops and were mostly shot in black and white. They usually featured striptease and softcore erotica with no plot and no sound, sometimes masturbation and lesbian sex. Rarely, they would have explicit scenes of penetration and even fetish content.

In general, porn has been described as low-budget sexploitation films starring classic big-breasted models. These movies showed more in terms of flesh on screen and became more explicit in their content.

Sexploitation films used to feature gratuitous nudity and non-explicit sex, and many were intended for grindhouse theaters (hence these films are sometimes called "grindies").

Of course, the porn scene didn't just develop in the United States. Many of the more explicit films of the era were being released in Europe, particularly in Great Britain. Denmark became the first country in the world to fully legalize pornography in . In Asia, Japanese pornographers also pushed the boundaries of adult film content with their own genre of sexploitation - the "Pink film."

In , major studios and exhibitors finally agreed to a voluntary rating system, which initially dvided movies into four categories. This was the birth of the X-rating, which regulated what kind of sex could be shown on film.

Many of these films might not be classified as porn. Still, it is the fact that the major studios were offering more sex on screen motivated the porn industry of the to go even further.

The Duties of Porn Actresses in Porn Movies of The Sixties

The Golden Age of Porn didn't officially begin until . Still, the decade saw the arrival of several legendary porn stars - including Joyce Gibson, Marsha Jordan, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard and Michelle Angelo.

Producers didn't want vintage porn film models who were too thin or underweight, as they were considered unattractive. Women were hired for their physical appearance (big tits, sultry asses, long legs) rather than for their skills. They were paid by the hour they worked, not by number of men they fucked.

In addition to being able to perform all kinds of sexual acts, the ladies were expected to look and talk sexy, perform oral sex on male co-stars, and wear tight clothing.

In the porn videos, porn stars couldn't just fuck. Actresses also had to give blow jobs and perform lesbian scenes. But anal sex was still considered taboo.

Oral sex was not routine in American porn until the late , when porn films actively featured blowjobs and pussy licking.

The invention of "The Pill" - a contraceptive pill that allowed female pornstars to take cumshots inside their pussies without worrying about getting pregnant. It was a huge benefit to the industry.

What Kind of Sex Performers Were There in the ?

There were mostly these kinds of porn actresses:

  1. Glamour models who posed in magazines like "Playboy" or "Penthouse," usually wearing skimpy outfits or partial nudity and often participating in simulated sex acts.
  2. Burlesque dancers - leggy and busty babes who who performed stripteases on the stage of cabarets and variety shows.
  3. Pinup girls, who posed in lingerie or bathing suits. Pinup girls were paid well for photo shoots but often had to pose nude for most of them.
  4. Professional actresses who appear in mainstream movies. These women usually work with top directors and producers and appear in supporting character roles.
  5. Starlets may not look like professional models, but they were hired because of their looks.
  6. Porn stars who do not act professionally, but instead focus solely on all kinds of hardcore sex. They often appear in amateur porn videos.
  7. "Vanilla" pornstars who didn't do anal or group sex scenes.

The second half of the saw an increase in the number of people viewing pornography. The growth of mass media exposed many Americans to pornography. The public's interest in pornography grew because of the increasing acceptance of sexuality: magazines, newspapers, television shows, and movies all featured sex.

The production of pornography became more professional. Many studios began producing pornographic films instead of stag films. Many studios also wanted to create more realistic-looking porn movies. They did this by hiring actors who looked like real-life models.

Vintage Porn Stars of the 1960s:

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