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The naughty nun is a classic sexual fantasy rooted in the Protestant propaganda of the 15th century that aimed at painting Catholic nuns as sexual degenerates who engaged in steamy sexual acts at the convent. Back then, the image was depicted in cartoon drawings and propagated through print media. The whole campaign aimed at degrading women who had taken solemn religious vows to live in chastity.

During the late 19th century, the whole premise of the sexy nun alongside the sexy secretary and the sexy nurse was integrated into vintage porn, not as propaganda against the church but purely for its erotic value.

This page features vintage nun porn videos from the Roaring Twenties to the late '70s. Watch horny nuns getting it on with fellow nuns at the convent in one hell of girl-on-girl scenes and classic men getting lucky with sexually-starved nuns.

As you would imagine, the nuns have all sorts of sex toys for solo plays whenever dick is not in the equation. Sometimes they incorporated them into their erotic sexcapades. If you thought the sexy nun was a recently established porn genre, then here's proof that it's been around way before contemporary porn as we know it.

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