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Beautiful and blessed with a charming smile, Trudy Scott utilized her big tits, shaved pussy and curvy ass to forge a fantastic nude career as a buxom with fans around the world. The American babe loved lingerie and playing with beautiful girls, including sucking on sexy in hairless pussy lesbian pictures. She had the tightest bare pussy you'll ever see and wasn't afraid to show it off in lusty pictures and .

Beautiful brunette Trudy Scott lying naked in her silky bed with fluffy boobs

Beautiful brunette Trudy Scott lies naked in her luxurious bed with fluffy tits

In the late , D cup beauty Trudy Scott burst onto the with gorgeous smile, big brown eyes, and irresistible curves and forged an impressive career that has left a legacy of hundreds of incredible pictures for modern fans of vintage babes.

Little is known about her origins though she is born and moved to England after her retirement in to work for the Church of Scientology on recruiting new members. She was a very charismatic speaker and an active personality, and while not being your average beauty she was very energetic.

Lingerie makes this busty babe doubly arousing

With big brown eyes and a natural inclination to flash her gorgeous smile, Trudy looks naturally warm, welcoming, and friendly. She can't help it and it's awfully attractive, especially when paired with her wondrous curvy body. Put it all together and she comes off as the perfect girlfriend, which is probably why she thrived in her short career.

Everyone looked at her modeling hot and baring her and they couldn't help but imagine waking up next to her every day. She had long and thick and never did much with it, which only served to add to her friendly charm. Usually, Trudy had it pulled back and it always looked so sexy, particularly in sets where she's in bed. In those she looks like she's just woken up from sleeping in the nude and is happy to have you ogling her body as she spreads her legs and moves her hands away from her boobs to tease you.

Her D bosoms were all natural and looked remarkably perky given their exceptional size and her curvaceous body was perfectly proportioned to them. She had beautiful areolas and perky nipples, letting you appreciate her milky white tit flesh over everything else.

Her ass was big and gorgeous and her hips wide with a smooth tummy. Her thighs were thick to support that weight on top though her calves were remarkably slender. In keeping with her image, Trudy Scott rarely did anything with her fingernails other than keeping them clean and well-trimmed.

This chesty pornstar almost never wore jewelry either, putting on the occasional ring but otherwise keeping it clean and simple. The same can be said for her makeup, which is often hard to notice, meaning she rarely wore more than a bit of foundation to smooth things out and just a touch of eyeliner to highlight those gorgeous big browns.

Trudy was popular amongst many men's magazines, such as "Gem," "Mayfair," "Adam & Eve," "Big Girl," "Nylon Flash," "Vue," "Terrific," "Exclusive Man," "Paris Hollywood," "Italian Fiesta" and lots of others. In fact, she was often credited as Angela Duncan, Trudy Pink, Trudy Eyre, Trudi Carstairs, Lisa Shannon and Rita.

She eschewed her simple approach when it came to lingerie, though. Her work is filled with stunning sets of sexy underthings, from sheer baby dolls to intricate , garter belt, and sets that look staggeringly hot on her curvaceous body.

There are a few photo spreads with sexy leather and and outside of underwear she was always delighted to try on something sexy, like the nurse costume she wore for an excellent magazine shoot. Tight clothes look great on her too and more than many pinup chicks of her time she would do sets with more flesh being exposed with each new picture.

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Tit sucking makes lesbian model Trudy Scott feel so naughty

In pictorials, this icon never posed with guys, but Trudy Scott was more than happy to get naked or model lingerie with other babes. There's a sexy shoot where she and three chicks all dress up in bra and panty sets and garter belts and show off their incredible 40D US (90D EU/Int, see Table 1) breasts. She also did a genuine tease set that features a pic of her sucking on a girl's sexy nipple with pure lust.

"Smooth Satin" magazine hired her and a busty girl to pose together in lingerie sets, giving your two sets of incredible to ogle and four legs clad in black nylon to dream of caressing.

In addition to her girl-girl sets and her naughty lingerie galleries, Trudy posed for a series of pictures where she was her pure, beautiful self and entirely naked. Most notable among them is an outdoor shoot where she walks among nature with her big tits, curvy hips, and hot ass exposed. Most importantly, her flawless shaved pussy is on display. Her cunt is among the tightest looking you'll ever see with labia that folds inward and the lack of hair is mighty alluring.

Trudy Scott also starred in vintage film loops of softcore nature. There are two famous stag movies with her filmed by the famous Harrison Marks: a 16 min (8 mm black and white) "The Casting Couch," and a 10 min "A Hit for Two Miss's" softcore lesbian loop. They were heavily advertised in press and we have the texts of the ads for you to read and enjoy.

"The Casting Couch" ad said: "The Casting Director's hands slide over his secretary's body, she reciprocates and reveals all. They are right in the middle of mouth-watering sexual fun when the pretty starlet-in-the-making enters. In seconds, he has turned his attention to her and together they caress, fondle and thrash in superbly postures. Later, there's still more sex, when our Director takes his new found partner for a dirty weekend at a rustic hotel."

"A Hit for Two Miss's" actually had 2 different ads, the first one was this: "The beautiful young of the house meets the new librarian, who happens to be a lovely not much older than herself. The librarian the former the art of physical love between two of their own kind. A beautiful, dramatic ."

The second ad was better: "The beautiful, enters the library... She is assisted in her search for a book by the experienced and fantastically endowed librarian - who is also a Lesbian... It is not long before our lovely young lady is learning the ways of love... At first it is tender, but soon torrid sex between two girls is taking place. The bodies are fully revealed, arching and twisting in poetic and turbulent activity. In this film, nothing is held back, nothing is left to the imagination."

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Large breasts look even hotter in color pictures and so do big brown eyes

This well-endowed vintage sex star worked mostly in black and white though later in her career color photos were used more often and she happily posed for them. Her look particularly good in color as her areolas and nipples are a little darker than most and make the mouth water. Plus, you can better appreciate her brown eyes and her full, sultry lips. In pictures, Trudy's hands tend to be all over her body, whether fondling her tits or pushing them together or drifting down between her legs to tease the idea of playing with her pussy.

Trudy Scott was a pure natural beauty that needed little more than her good looks, sweet smile, and a curvaceous body to arouse men. She loved to wear hot lingerie and pose with other girls and a good portion of her work is available to members of Vintage Cuties. Go with her for shaved pussy pictures in the woods and on the beach and play inside where she models her sexy outfits, stockings, and panties. Join now and let her beauty overwhelm you and take you to a place of pure pleasure.

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Table 1

Trudy Scott bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40D90D40D105D6D18DD90
What bra and cup size did Trudy Scott wear?
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