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Legendary , stripper, and of the forties, fifties, and Evelyn West aka "The Hubba-Hubba Girl" had a genuinely perfect pair of big pointy tits, which explains why the public's lust for her spread over three decades as she worked the stage and magazines, generating publicity and endless desire. Gaze at her firm boobs, and you'll understand what made her such a popular .

Graceful brunette Evelyn West unveils her firm tits while wearing satin opera gloves

Graceful brunette Evelyn West unveils her firm tits while wearing satin opera gloves

Big tits babe Evelyn West discovers her talent for stripping on stage

The girl that would become breathtaking and Evelyn West was born Amy May Coomer on in Adair County, Kentucky (USA). She grew up on a in Illinois State Fair.

Her stripping and burlesque career began in , when she at the "President's Club" on Market Street in San Francisco (USA), a big city that was far more open to dancing than the small towns she had previously worked in. She was 19 years old.

After making the short film "A Night at the Follies" () she left California for Missouri () and armed with experience and the knowledge that she would need to create the career she wanted, set out to generate the sort of press required to stand out from the crowd.

This vintage had a knack for generating headlines and is credited with shifting the perception of burlesque away from sexy hips and dancing to , which she happened to have in a perfect form.

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Big boobs insured for $50,000 make the career of this sexy pinup

Her greatest publicity stunt was insuring her breasts for $50,000 with Lloyd's of London. She was quickly nicknamed Evelyn "$50,000 Treasure Chest" West (she would later attempt to make that her legal name) and suddenly no man could resist the urge to see her when she came to town. Some would make lengthy treks to whatever city she performed in just for the chance to see the lady that had paid to have her insured.

This gorgeous retro pornstar often managed to generate press by criticizing her competition, including calling Marilyn Monroe a phony and publicly stating that Jayne Mansfield lied about the size of her boobs.

What's most amazing about her success is that Evelyn West never developed a reputation for being a particularly skilled or inventive burlesque dancer. She simply had a great pair of natural tits and a big mouth and knew that people love to read gossip-driven press. In an age before television became popular she was able to build an aura that drove paying customers to her gigs.

This sex symbol of the , also made a habit of appearing at and nudist weddings with her publicist sending out notices beforehand so the press would be there to capture her wildness. At first welcomed such a famous woman into the fold, but as Evelyn picked up more charges for indecent exposure she was shunned.

Though she wasn't much of a dancer, there's no question Evelyn West was breathtakingly beautiful and understood that she needed to look incredible when she took the stage or posed for a pinup magazine. Her long brown hair was always flawlessly styled, her makeup always seemed unbelievable, and she loved red lipstick. Her nails were manicured with shiny red polish though she was in elbow length gloves so often you wouldn't see them much.

She was the ultimate glamour babe of the time, wearing to tempt her male fans and costly, high-class clothes before stripping nude to bare her body. She even competed with some of the sweater girls of the era, putting on a sexy and a tight white angora sweater to show off her pointy boobs to an adoring audience of magazine buyers.

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Perfect big natural breasts make the guys wild for Evelyn West

Without question, Evelyn West's most impressive assets were her 40D US (90D EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts. She was 5 feet, 4 inches (163 centimeters) tall and her complete measurements were 39D-25-35 inches (99D-64-89 centimeters, see Table 2), but the tits are truly the most impressive element. They were breathtaking in every way, rivaling any pair of titties the world has ever seen. They're insanely perky with a hint of delicious teardrop shape and that seemed perpetually hard. No matter how she posed, those boobs looked big and perfect without any help from a bra.

Even without a great deal of skill on stage it would be worth paying the entrance fee just to see her strip and bare her large tits, perhaps running her hands over them and pulling softly on her while an audience of eager guys hooted and hollered to see more.

Evelyn stripped actively for 10 years, maintaining her incredible popularity for most of that time until her retirement in the 1950s. Her reputation was so widespread and pictures of her breasts available on most newsstands so every man wanted to see her in person and watch her show off.

This famous retro sex kitten was one of the most widely photographed models of her time, due to her inescapable beauty and her smart approach to generating press. She knew if a man saw her in a magazine he'd be more likely to show up for the live show, which is where she made her money.

She retired to Florida (USA) with her husband, club promoter Al Charles. She passed away quietly on at the age of 83 in Hollywood, Florida, leaving behind a wonderful legacy as a groundbreaking sex star. Many of sexual freedoms strippers and pornstars of today enjoy are due to the boundary-pushing work of Evelyn West.

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Evelyn West body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Evelyn West wiki and facts
BornJanuary 30, 1921
DiedNovember 14, 2004 (aged 83)
Years active1940-1950
Started around19 years old
In business10 years
AliasesThe Hubba-Hubba Girl, Amy May Coomer, The Hubba Hubba Girl, Hubba Hubba Girl
What are the interesting facts about Evelyn West?

Table 2

Evelyn West physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 in163 cm
Bust size39 in99 cm
Waist size25 in64 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements39-25-35 in99-64-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Evelyn West?

Table 3

Evelyn West bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40D90D40D105D6D18DD90
What bra and cup size did Evelyn West wear?
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