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A fetish refers to an obsessive sexual interest in objects or behaviors that are not typically sexual. For instance, a person can develop a powerful sexual attraction toward feet, shoes, latex, nylon, wax, or leather. Behaviors such as voyeurism, age play, cuckolding, age play, and bondage could also be objects of fetishism.

Most of these fetishes were unusual and otherwise considered taboo in ancient societies. Hence, people rarely discuss their bizarre fetishes openly. It was later when the whole premise of fetishism was explained medically that people owned them. Still, it doesn't mean they didn't exist earlier.

We have vintage fetish porn videos from the Victorian era showing men and women acting on their outlandish fetishes. Fetishes have been around for as long as humans have been, and their depiction in vintage porn was long overdue.

The common fetishes you'll see in the scenes from our antique stag films include foot fetish or foot worship, cuckolding, latex, nylon, shoes, and leather fetishes, among others. Enjoy our classic collection of steamy stag films featuring the nastiest and pretty much the oldest sexual fetishes in recorded history.

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