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Shorts have been a part of female fashion for over a century but are mainly worn as undergarments or while performing certain activities such as sports.

The trendy female shorts of the '60s that came into fashion alongside miniskirts evolved from the designs of sleepwear panties, vintage knickers, and other styles of underwear shorts.

Believe it or not, there was a time in the United States when women were banned from wearing shorts in public streets. Texas was the first state to outlaw women in skirts in 1944.

However, we have vintage shorts porn videos from as early as the 1910s showing classic women rocking sexy shorts, but often under long gowns or skirts.

Still, it's invigorating to watch pussy-hungry men wade through the bulky dresses to remove the women's shorts, eat their pussy and fuck them hardcore.

Even with the ban on shorts, many women still rocked these hot shorts, particularly in the bedroom, and it turned the hell out of their lewd spouses.

We've collected some of the vintage porn featuring defiant women in shorts that we hope will get your cock rock hard in an instant and perhaps help you to self-complete.

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