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Need some spice in your life? Kitten Natividad just might be the prescription for what is ailing you. This sexy hails from , but no border could contain her bodacious body and world class tits. Bursting onto the scene in the early she was twice crowned Miss Nude Universe ( and ) before going on to dominate the world by appearing in numerous magazines and movies. Kitten's figure and tits made her an international star of stage and big-breasted pornstar on screen as she brought men to their knees all over the globe.

Latin princess Kitten Natividad dishes out her seductive lips and perky boobies

Latin princess Kitten Natividad dishes out her seductive lips and perky tits

The boobs go up in size, and so do our slacks when we see Kitten!

Born Francesca Isabel Natividad in in Mexico, she was called Kitten from an early age because she was shy. That shyness didn't last long as Kitten Natividad grew up and grew out and soon realized that the heaving, heavenly hangers on her chest were her passport to a better life. In the early '70s, Kitten worked as a stripper and dancer and had many parts that required her to keep her mouth shut and her shirt off!

Even back then, before her breast augmentation, she had a great rack that would turn heads and break necks in the process. It wasn't until she hooked up with notorious smut master Russ Meyer that her porn career took off, and we got to see so many of her other body parts that we fell in love with!

While Kitten officially began working in the mainstream in , her pornographic career started in , when she was 31 years old.

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Many of her early roles were in booby movies where she did little more than flash her fantastic rack and look great . Movies like "Big Busty 3" and "Takin' It Off" helped put her on the map. Meanwhile, Kitten Natividad was still shooting for a variety of magazines and doing live and strip shows. This kitten was roaring like a lion as she worked her sexy tail off!

Most of her years, she was a fiery redhead with her hair about shoulder length and poofed out in curls. This actually made her chest pop out even more, as we could get to see the whole package presented: at 5 feet, 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall and 127 pounds (58 kilograms) weight and 44-28-39 inches (112-71-99 centimeters) frame Kitten looked out of this world. Her look really epitomized the '80s, when she had huge round bouncy 44G US (100H EU/Int, see Table 3) tits, a small waist, a and a lovely bush that led to a normally dripping wet pussy.

This curvaceous vintage pornstar did a lot of magazine work with stockings on, that framed her sexy legs and juicy ass well, and was the only thing she would leave on when she would run her fingers in between her lips and massage her and finger herself. Softcore and solo pictorials in some of the dirty magazines of that era were certainly steamy, but it left Kitten's fans wanting more.

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MILF Kitten Natividad caresses her beautiful huge tits

When calls for hardcore porn come, Kitten takes them all

When she started appearing in flicks under the Russ Meyer banner is when her porn career literally took off. He moved from porn theater cinema to the home video footage that exemplified the golden age of porn, and Kitten was right there on it in plenty of . You could see her seducing younger cocks into burying their thick pricks right between her legs.

People want to act like the idea of "moms we'd like to fuck" was something born out of the 90s, but there was big titted Kitten, charming the pants off of these young studs with her flavor, and getting them to shoot their loads all over her humongous breasts!

With dimensions like hers, at one point 44-28-39 inches (112-71-99 centimeters, see Table 2), you're going to attract a lot of attention on screen! And not only that, but she was getting starring roles in movies in the 1980s and through the 1990s as well. Hell, there were even rumors that she performed privately for Sean Penn in the '80s! Surely, there is no better place of watching Kitten in a hot sex video than right here, on Vintage Cuties. Wait no more, subscribe right now.

Not only was Kitten Natividad top notch in ; this busty retro sex star was a star on the road too, acting as a headlining stripper across the country and exhibiting her assets to a horny crowd! Her most notorious act was her champagne bathtub show, which is one titillating act! She bared all for a broad audience and enjoyed the way it made her feel, even more so than doing the hardcore videos!

Look through the selection of pictures that we have for you of her and many other porn stars and at Vintage Cuties, and you can see her growing up right before our eyes. From a perky black and white beauty enjoying herself on the stage, to a color hardcore pictorial with her humongous round tits staring at you while she's getting her fucked, Kitten looks beautiful and fuckable at every stage of her career. You'll even see her having fun with other big breasted cuties, rubbing her enormous boobs into theirs, and making for some hot pictorials you don't want to miss! Into her 40s, her massive mammaries hit 48 inches (122 centimeters), and the rest of her body got too, adding to the sexiness of one Latina MILF you don't want to miss!

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Kitten Natividad arouses and entices boners well into the 1990s

Kitten's porn video career lasted until , as even in her 60s she was driving guys wild and churning out the of our fantasies. After 50 years in business, she never stopped doing shows as well, doing plenty of burlesque shows and shows and wowing crowds with her curves, and, of course, those heaving in tight and revealing costumes and outfits.

This classic chesty model had a health scare in , as they found out that Kitten Natividad had breast cancer and had to give her a double mastectomy. But don't you think that let it stop her from doing what she loves. You could still see plenty of her acts around, as Kitten ran her own fan page and did many appearances at and lots of dancing until her death in , aged 74.

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Kitten Natividad body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Kitten Natividad wiki and facts
BornFebruary 13, 1948
DiedSeptember 24, 2022 (aged 74)
Years active1979-2009 (in porn), 1972-2022 (in mainstream)
Started around28 years old
In business50 years
AliasesFrancesca Isabel Natividad
What are the interesting facts about Kitten Natividad?

Table 2

Kitten Natividad physical body statistics
Height5 ft 3 in160 cm
Weight127 lb58 kg
Bust size44 in112 cm
Waist size28 in71 cm
Hip size39 in99 cm
Measurements44-28-39 in112-71-99 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Kitten Natividad?

Table 3

Kitten Natividad bra size and breast cup size
Bra size44G100H44F115H8H22GG100
What bra and cup size did Kitten Natividad wear?
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