Teacher Fucks Female Students: 1910s Old & Young Foursome Group Sex

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A female teacher is angry with two female students. She spanks a naked teen ass, licks the perky nipples of the big round tits, and then eats the hairy pussy. Suddenly an elderly school principal arrives. He takes his mature cock for all the women to suck. He gives the three women a sex lesson by fucking them. Read more

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Teacher in an Old & Young Foursome Group Sex in the 1910s

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In the 1910s, a domineering punishes two female students who stand entirely naked in front of her. The stern teacher begins by spanking their bare buttocks until bright red marks appear on their skin. She then gives one of the girls an intense pussy lick while the other looks on intently, rubbing her clit excitedly. The other girl's is also eaten.

Suddenly an old school enters the classroom and sees what's happening! He wastes no time pulling out his ripe cock for all three women to suck eagerly. The slutty teacher and two students take turns pleasuring him with their mouths as they moan in ecstasy.

After getting their fill of oral sex, it's time for some fucking! The principal decides to give these horny ladies a sex lesson they won't soon forget! He starts by fucking this eager whore of a teacher, making her scream as he fucks her wet pussy! Unfortunately, this vintage porn video didn't capture the authentic sounds of the fuckery you see.

Then he moves on to one of these and roughly takes her virginity as she tries not to scream too loudly with pleasure. The other student submissively offers her cunt for fucking and doesn't mind getting her asshole fucked a little later. Finally, the man finishes by giving all three women his hard cock to blow, rewarding them with mouthfuls of cum!

Throughout this sexual escapade between four people - two teachers and two students - there is enough moaning to fill every corner of this classroom turned sex den! And when it's all over, everyone is left gasping for air, having learned just how much fun FFFM in the Roaring Twenties.

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