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Big tits vintage pinup model Jackie Miller thrived on the edge of , striking sexy poses in bikinis, tight , leather gloves, and sexy boots and but not quite fully indulging in poses, outside of those few sets where this nude big breasted babe had a whip in her hand and a naughty glint in her eye. No man in the 1950s could resist her class and sophistication when combined with her edgy sexiness, long legs and big beautiful tits.

Great looking brunette Jackie Miller with a curvy body slowly taking off her panties on her bed

Great looking brunette Jackie Miller with a curvy body slowly takes off her panties on her bed

Jackie Miller, an and fetish model in the late and early 1960s, was born on (age 89) in showgirl in Miami (USA). It was a glamorous town even back then, and she delighted the crowds with her fiery , D cup boobs and 40-26-38 inches (102-66-97 centimeters, see Table 2) frame tucked into tight corsets and lovely lingerie sets as she danced on stage.

This 22-year-old met female photographer Bunny Yeager in , while in Miami and played a beautiful beach babe for her, posing in swimsuits and going topless in the sun to show her natural breasts to the world and demonstrate just how much fun the ladies of the had.

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All American babe poses in sexy swimsuits and bares her tits outdoors

When you peruse the work of beauty Jackie Miller, you'll see the two sides of her modeling persona. First is the work with Bunny Yeager where she had a more , friendly, flirty beach girl look. Those photo shoots were certainly the more common kind back then, but that wasn't all this devastatingly sexy lady with incredible curves was into.

When she met Irving Klaw, a famous fetish photographer that had introduced the world to Bettie Page and other kinky models of the time, she entered his world and produced a whole new kind of content.

You could find bondage content in the , but Jackie Miller wasn't interested in going quite so far into kink. Instead, she was recruited into posing as a model for that weren't quite fetish or , but flirted with it just a little bit. In the most arousing of these she's in high heeled black latex boots, black fishnet stockings with garters attached, fullback black , a tight black corset, and black leather gloves. It's the outfit of a , only she wasn't in a dungeon but was instead posing in bed.

Buxom Jackie Miller has a naughty side and shows it with a whip in her hand

In other photo shoots, the outfits would be less overtly dominant, like a pair of and heels, black panties, and a black . However, they would spice those up by giving her a whip and having her wear a slightly menacing look on her face like she would take that whip to your ass if you didn't behave. In the 1950s that was more than enough to tickle the kinky desires of men with submissive notions. Jackie was generous with her ass, teasing it in sexy panties and baring the nude cheeks with glee.

Because of these two distinct styles of modeling, any trip through the collected works of Jackie Miller is a varied and fantastically arousing experience. Find her in a bikini or , and you see a smiling, sweet girl with natural 40D US (90D EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs and overwhelming charm. Her eyebrows are softer, she's usually in a lovely shade of red lipstick, and in the few color pictures she did she has red hair. She's very all-American, and it's beautiful.

This vintage pornstar was better-suited to the darker, more fetishistic modeling though, and it's safe to assume that she was offered far more of it since most of her catalog of topless and is of that variety. In them, her eyebrows tend to be styled more severely, and though you might not take direct notice, that look does make her seem more severe and commanding, both of which are good things.

Her hair is dark, and her lips are quite often light so you can admire their plumpness. She almost always wore or boots, so her legs always looked incredible, made tighter by her footwear.

When not in the beach and outdoor photos taken in Miami (USA) Jackie is most often found indoors in simple settings. Her were about appreciating the model and her command over the men wanking to her, not everything going on around her.

On rare occasions, she shot with other girls, usually posing in lingerie together and never approaching anything resembling . Instead, it was just two beautiful chicks hanging out together. There were no in her illustrious seven-year career, just a series of beautiful teases where she hid the space between her legs from us.

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Vintage lingerie looks smoking hot on curvaceous brunette pin-up girl

If it's a vintage lingerie girl you crave, then Jackie Miller is bound to take up permanent residence in your spank bank. Ladies' underthings are meant to make women more arousing in a variety of ways, and they can be used to tell a story.

When Jackie puts on a pair of boots, black stockings, and a black garter belt, she looks more dominant than when she puts on a dress and sheer tan stockings with high heeled sandals. Photographer Irving Klaw had an expert understanding of how to dress his models to create the mood he was looking for, and Jackie Miller was one of his most popular girls, so he got to know her well.

Jackie appeared in a pinup magazines from to , showing up in the pages of "Fling" numerous times over that period. This star was tall at 5 feet, 11 inches (180 centimeters) and that likely contributed to her being pegged as a that could enchant submissive men. Little is known of her career after modeling, but hopefully she is still alive and living in Florida (USA), presumably happily.

Jackie Miller had noticeable roles in B-level mid-60s softcore sexploitation movies "The Sexploiters" (), "The Smut Peddler" ().

There's no denying the magnetic beauty and natural of Jackie Miller. Over hundreds of mostly black and white pictures, her alluring qualities were captured by skilled photographers like Irving Klaw and dominant with a whip in hand and leather boots on her feet and played them both exceedingly well. She is worshiped by many, and you can join them by enjoying her incredible content at Vintage Cuties.

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Table 1

Jackie Miller wiki and facts
BornJanuary 1, 1935 (age 89)
Years active1957-1965
Started around22 years old
In business8 years
What are the interesting facts about Jackie Miller?

Table 2

Jackie Miller physical body statistics
Height5 ft 11 in180 cm
Bust size40 in102 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements40-26-38 in102-66-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Jackie Miller?

Table 3

Jackie Miller bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40D90D40D105D6D18DD90
What bra and cup size did Jackie Miller wear?
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