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Sex slavery is where one owns another person and coerces them to perform sexual acts whenever they want. It took place at some point in history, and historians argue that it was normalized by Christopher Columbus in America around the 1490s.

Fast forward to the late 19th century at the onset of the film. The slave porn genre emerged, parodying sex slavery and depicting the slave/master fetishism while at it.

Sexual slavery in this new context was a consensual power exchange between two adults where one agreed to be a sex slave to another, referred to as the master or dominatrix. Our vintage slave porn videos showcase this bizarre fantasy of sexual slavery from as early as the 1900s to the 1970s.

Watch ruthless BDSM scenes of the vintage porn era, submissives being restrained, humiliated, whipped, and spanked by tyrannical masters and mistresses. Find rough French BDSM, the kinky Femdom scenes of the 1920s, and other naughty scenes from the subsequent years that follow until the late '80s.

There's a colored 1970s XXX clip depicting a sex slave auction in Ancient Rome - a kinky learning moment for all of us.

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