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Erotic spanking is arguably one of the oldest sexual practices, perhaps as old as the Hebrew Bible. It certainly has its roots in ancient corporal punishment. Somehow, along the way, some people realized getting spanked in the bare ass, boob, thighs, or any other parts of their bodies caused arousal.

The earliest depictions of erotic spanking were discovered at the Tomb of Whipping around the 5th Century BC. It was also recommended in nearly every ancient sex manual, including the famous Kama Sutra (400 BC), the Indian Koka Shastra (1150 AD), and the Arabic Perfumed Garden of 1400 AD, among others.

This page is dedicated to the internet's oldest vintage spanking porn videos. Some of these stag films are over a century old, produced from the Victorian era to the period around World War II. The video quality could be better, but at least you will notice the spanking theme and savor the steamy action while at it.

Understandably, most scenes feature other kinky vintage porn acts under the BDSM umbrella, which is expected considering spanking was mainly practiced in Femdom scenes. Take note of the tools used during these classical eras - they aren't much different from what is used today in contemporary spanking scenes.

Spanking by hand was the most common. Whips, wooden spoons, and birch rods, among others, also feature.

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