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The vintage facial porn pics on this page show that facial existed in hardcore pornography before the '70s, as depicted in XXX pics going as far back as the 1930s. This category features vintage porn from the '30s through World War II until the 1970s when facial went mainstream. Of course, you can watch all the erotic photographs building up to the money shots.

When an aroused man explosively cums on their sexual partner's face, it is said they give them a facial. Facials were a common phenomenon in classic porn magazines. Facials often made the perfect closing scene after rigorous fucking or masturbation sessions.

Facial was introduced in mainstream adult feature pictures in the '70s as cumshot or money shot. A male performer is explicitly captured cumming on their partner's face after wild fucking, masturbation, or blowjob images.

However, the sexual act of facial cumshot is not even close to being a development of the 1970s. Turns out it has been around way before modern porn, if written history is anything to go by. Facial was first mentioned in classic erotic literature by French aristocrat Marquis de Sade in , showing that the act was possibly even older.

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