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Ever wondered how the sexy nurse stereotype came to be? Well, it's believed to have developed around the 1500s when nursing wasn't much of a profession but a lousy job that only attracted lower-class women due to the high risk of contracting infections and the dreadful working environments. It was a dead-end job at the time when some women even preferred prostitution over it.

Women were forced to work two jobs, whore at night and work as nurses during the day. Around the 1800s, nurses were still seen as part-time prostitutes, and today it's just weird that we've all somehow fantasized fucking a sexy nurse.

Fast-forward to the Victorian era when the first porn debuted and the vintage porn filmmakers remembered to feature the sexy nurse category. We have steamy vintage nurse porn videos dating from the 1900s to the late '80s.

These are kinky black-and-white stag films from the silent film era to the Golden Age of Porn, all rolling the same theme. Notice the changes in nurse outfits and their engagements in the role over the decades. It's pretty erotic. Now, this is how your beloved nurse porn genre started. Enjoy!

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