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Beautiful big natural breasts, a curvaceous body, and heritage made Ann Stephens (also known as Maya Singh) a unique treat amongst in the late '60s and early '70s. This busty vintage pornstar was among the first British Indian babes to bare her body in front of the camera and one look at her incredible Indian tits, and luscious bush is enough to inspire overtures of lust for her.

Mysterious pornstar Ann Petal Stephens delicately exposes her juicy bush and soft tits

Mysterious pornstar Ann Stephens delicately exposes her juicy hairy pussy and sexy tits

Huge natural boobs make this Desi babe an irresistible pin up

Born in the 1940s, voluptuous Ann Stephens came to prominence in the , taking her clothes off for a variety of magazines aimed at lusty men that desperately wanted to see big natural breasts, wide hips, thick bushes, and the promise of perfect pussy resting beneath all that . Though she's beautiful and possesses a reasonably spectacular pair of tits, what makes this vintage nude model so arousing is her mixed British and Indian heritage.

Ann has the most beautiful big brown eyes you'll ever see, and for a moment or two they might distract you from looking at her perfectly shaped boobs that are far perkier than you might imagine. Her and were often puffy looking, increasing the natural male desire to suck on them. Her hands would often find their way to the , fondling and playing with them just like you'll dream of doing.

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Big breasts Indian girl Ann Stephens defies cultural barriers and strips nude in magazines

In her time, it was nearly unheard of for a to disrobe and bare her naughty parts in front of a camera, thanks in large part to a highly conservative culture. Imbued with a greater looseness thanks to her upbringing, this dark-haired goddess with full lips and immense G US (H EU/Int) cup boobs was happy to take her clothes off for magazines like "Cavalier," "Fling," "Gent," "Girls Illustrated," "Knave," "Smart (German)" and many others.

Ann Stephens modeled under the following alternative names: Ann Petal Stephens, Anne "Petal" Stevens, Maya Singh, Migan, Starra, Stara, Staria, Gwendolyn, Muntaz. Photographers couldn't wait to have her in front of their lenses and capture the Indian model at her most beautiful.

Though most girls pose in a variety of locations, most of Ann's work takes place indoors, even the shots in a pile of hay in a barn. Perhaps her photographers preferred the simplicity of lighting an inside location. This looks beautiful, of course, and you might notice that she's fond of blue eye shadow. Her gorgeous big eyes are made even sexier by its presence in a great many of her photographs.

She retired from modeling in the mid-1970s though she was still in demand as a goddess of erotic . The men of Britain were particularly lusty for an taking her clothes off but she was satisfied with having left her mark in addition to opening the door for other models from India that wanted to share their bodies with the world.

Thankfully, Ann Stephens left us plenty of arousing images to stroke to. You can enjoy her incredible body and natural G cup US (H EU/Int) tits in as she poses in world class lingerie, a tight corset clinging to the curves of her hips and stomach with garters attached to soft that run down her legs, encasing them sensually as her hands drift over her bare boobs and the tops of her thighs. Between her legs is the that hides her pussy lips, a space all men that gazed upon this genuine Indian princess dream of visiting.

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Fully nude Indian girl with a gorgeous bush and mouthwatering curves

The stacked Indian sex symbol was more well-known for stripping entirely nude, a gift she enjoyed giving to the tongue-wagging men that couldn't get enough of her voluptuous body without a stitch of clothing in the way. Her legs can be found spread wide open with great frequency, the her only sign of modesty. Enjoy her sitting sensually in front of the fireplace, washing her big tits in the shower, staring at you with inviting eyes as she relaxes in bed and much more.

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