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When a girl's nickname is The Bosom you know she has an incredible pair of tits, and the of Juli Williams propelled her to a ten year career as a topless pinup in some of the most popular magazines of the 1960s. Her sexy big breasts offered an alluring teardrop shape, huge areolas, and little to ogle and the exceedingly cute brunette was all too happy to have guys stare.

Bombastic babe Juli Williams with huge saggy tits holding a poster of herself

Bombastic babe Juli Williams with huge saggy tits holds a poster of herself

Born in San Francisco (USA) in (age 84), Juli Williams (also known Julie Wills and Julie Williams) grew up with her eye on Hollywood and a desire for the fame and fortune achieved by and models she admired.

At 21, in , this busty retro vixen broke into the entertainment business by going topless for the first time and revealing a pair of 44DD/E US (100E EU/Int, see Table 3) cup tits that would captivate men for a decade. Her have enormous areolas with little nipples in the middle, and the sexy teardrop shape is utterly irresistible, as you'll discover as you journey through the many centerfold shoots this goddess posed for.

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Adorable gal with mouthwatering curves in sexy lingerie

Juli's exceptional cuteness sets her apart from most of the of her day. It might be a drawback for some, but it shouldn't be because this big-breasted babe is utterly adorable and that only makes her more enticing. She has a super sweet smile, big brown eyes, and a little button nose and throughout her career she wore her hair in ways that only enhanced her cuteness, so you have to think she knew it was a strength and wanted to play to it.

A sweet girl with 44-24-35 inches (112-61-89 centimeters, see Table 2) measurements, huge boobs, curvy hips, and an affinity for is a dream for an enormous percentage of men, particularly back in the when she was on the pages of countless pinup magazines.

Even with her tits constantly exposed, vintage babe Juli Williams was able to model lots of hot lingerie for her fans. Sexy were a common site, often with a garter belt to hold them up. Her legs are slim, and they look exceptionally arousing when in a pair of black nylons. There's a lovely outdoor set where she poses in a black lace girdle that ends just under her breasts and looks stunningly hot, particularly since it hugs her wide hips so tightly and enhances her curves flawlessly.

Numerous pairs of sexy were modeled by Juli over the years since she never bared her on camera, and they're universally sexy. You'll also find her in various sheer dressing gowns and peignoirs. It was relatively rare for Juli Williams to expose her , though in the few pictures in which she does it's rather breathtaking, so it's a shame she didn't flash it more.

Fully nude big tits model Juli Williams shows her hot pussy

From time to time, Juli would do an entirely nude photo shoot, posing without a stitch of clothing as she relaxed in bed with her brown eyes directed at the camera and that sweet smile on her face. When naked, this bosomy classic pornstar would often strike classic centerfold poses. Imagine her naked on a couch with one hand behind her head to make her breasts look a little perkier, and her legs pulled up to create a flattering look for her hips and thighs.

Big boobs like hers are well-suited to pictures of her leaning forward and framing them with her arms and shoulders and she knew that well, as evidenced by the many shots in her catalog where she's doing that very thing.

Though most of her content is in black and white, there's a small but sexy collection in color, and it's a hell of a treat after perusing hundreds of colorless shots.

The most arousing of Juli's color pictures finds her in bed wearing a sheer black robe that's opened to expose her breasts. Her head is tilted forward, and her eyes are directed at the camera as all her curves are on display. It's a perfect and it's difficult not to stare intently at her as they look stunning with the poking out and captured just a bit in profile.

Juli Williams was no stranger to photo shoots if for no other reason than a change of place can be exciting. The best of these has her in a long skirt and a fuzzy cardigan that's been unbuttoned to reveal her big natural boobs. The pictures are captioned and tell a story of a coed that's worried about a big test coming up as she shows off her tits out in the sun. Her breasts have never looked better and the way the wool cardigan frames them is exceptionally alluring.

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Vintage chick gets naked on the big screen and shows her tits at the movies

Hollywood came calling for the big-breasted girl in when she appeared in the film "Wild Gals of the Naked West!" It might not have been what she dreamed of when growing up, but she was on the big screen with her big beautiful boobs out, and she couldn't have been happier.

Two more films, "The Skydivers" () and "Journey out of Darkness" () complete Juli's resume as an . She never made it big on the big screen, but her appearances are forever immortalized and well worth watching, if only to see how truly vibrant and perky she was in front of the camera.

For nearly a decade, this vintage sex icon appeared in the pages of pinup magazines including "Modern Man" and "Fling," and in , she showed up in an issue of "Playboy" celebrating a world class photographer. Most of her work was as a , but in a few instances she and another busty babe would pose together, showing off two sets of incredible tits at once.

Few vintage pin-up girls combine cuteness and mouthwatering big boobs better than Juli Williams, and her lengthy career means hundreds of hot pictures of her are available at Vintage Cuties. She models hot lingerie, sexy cardigan sweaters, blouses, and her to entertain the audience, and she never looks anything but flawless. If huge tits on a vintage beauty are your thing, then she's your girl.

Juli Williams body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Juli Williams wiki and facts
Born1940 (age 84)
Years active1961-1967
Started around21 years old
In business6 years
AliasesJulie Wills, Julie Williams
What are the interesting facts about Juli Williams?

Table 2

Juli Williams physical body statistics
Bust size44 in112 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements44-24-35 in112-61-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Juli Williams?

Table 3

Juli Williams bra size and breast cup size
Bra size44DD/E100E44DD115E8E22DDE100
What bra and cup size did Juli Williams wear?
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