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Flappers were a group of cocky young women in the Roaring Twenties who openly despised everything considered socially acceptable at the time. Flapper girls rocked knee-height miniskirts, wore excessive makeup, smoked in public, drove automobiles, listened to jazz music, and had plenty of sex just to spite society.

To their credit, flappers were the icons of the Jazz Era. They were responsible for promoting the transatlantic cultural exchange in the period after World War I.

Our vintage flapper porn videos are a century-old porn collection featuring self-assertive women who dared to show society the middle finger and influenced nearly everything from fashion to art and politics.

Flappers would indulge in steamy girl-on-girl sex in a period where same-sex relationship was considered taboo. They also practiced swinging, gangbangs, and group sex just to enjoy the thrill of sexual adventure.

You'll be marveled at their sense of fashion, the trendy hairstyles of the decade, and how they fucked aggressively. They sucked dick, swallowed cum, and got fucked by multiple men in one vintage porn session.

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