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It is very rare when a woman gets defined by a single act. However, that is exactly what happened to Little Oral Annie. Her skills were so legendary that this busty vintage pornstar literally achieved global fame by her oral techniques. The only problem with this fame is that men everywhere focused on her mouth and missed the rest of her. A woman with a knockout figure and big tits, she should have been more widely recognized in big pussy porn for her beauty as well as her cocksucking talent.

Astonishing brunette Little Oral Annie looking gorgeous in her sexy blue lingerie

Astonishing brunette Little Oral Annie looks gorgeous in her sexy blue lingerie

Being as famous as she was, we know a lot about this lusty dick sucker. She was born on (age 64), in either the Golden State because she graduated from Pacific Palisades High School in .

Little Oral Annie's real name is Andrea Parducci. This is important trivia because she is a member of the Parducci family, who are famous vintners of fine wine under the names Adolf B. Parducci and Son and porn out of some sense of financial desperation. We can only guess that she really, really liked to fuck and get naked instead.

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Little Oral Annie had a body made for porn and was unafraid to exhibit it to anyone

20-year-old Little Oral Annie made her porn debut in a scene in the release "Sex Boat." It was the first time that men got a good look at this 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall honey whose weight was 130 pounds (59 kilograms) and measurements were 38-27-37 inches (97-69-94 centimeters, see Table 2). And what a figure they were allowed to take in!

She had wavy auburn hair, brown eyes, and a cute, all-American girl face. Annie had a slender build with fit, in-shape arms and legs, and a sweet, curvy ass whose pale skin contrasted with the rest of her tanned body. Needless to say, since this spent so much time on her knees gobbling cocks, guys everywhere got many, many chances to look at her ass while she was dishing out oral treats to some lucky guy.

One feature on Little Oral Annie that everyone noted were her 38D US (85D EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs - those magnificent, . They were just large enough that gravity was starting to have an effect on them, but still retained their very roundish shape. She had perfectly round and proportioned areolas on her boobs, and raised, pebble-like nipples capped off each breast. Her chest became a centerpiece of her work, and rightly deserved such attention.

And, of course, there was Little Oral Annie's - that hairy bush which obviously appeared like it was from the early '80s. Her twat was hairy but was not so deep or dense that it looked like an impenetrable jungle. Instead, it looked like a cunt which spread fairly far and wide but the had been thinned out a bit. In her photo work, Annie would frequently run her fingers along her smaller-sized pussy lips, through her strands of and expose the soft, pink inside for the camera lens.

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Little Oral Annie has a nude catfight with a busty brunette

But her mouth was actually made for porn - and could handle any cock put in front of it

However, as we said, Annie was not necessarily known for her body. Instead, it was the performance of that defined her - particularly . Rumor has it that she lined her mouth with an edible lubricant (butter or margarine) or even Vaseline to help slide a penis into and down her throat. And down the hatch the dicks went! It is easy to find clips on Vintage Cuties of Little Oral Annie vacuuming up John Holmes' big cock right to the base and tickling their scrotums with her lips.

The other trick this blowjob queen exhibited was paltry use of her hands. This curvaceous classic fucker never stroked off cocks when she was sucking them. At most, she would steady the shaft with her hand while her mouth did all the labor. And when those dicks ejaculated and the semen flowed - and they always exploded - you could just image the sensuous forces exerted by her mouth on a guy's dick.

Annie also was generous about where her partners could deposit their spunk. On her face, on her breasts and in her mouth to be swallowed in one, greedy gulp, Little Oral Annie was unafraid to get decorated with or force-fed a man's goo.

Don't be mistaken into thinking that Little Oral Annie was a "one trick pony." This vixen knew how to with more besides her mouth. She would let her partners deep-dick her pussy, and knew how to put a look on her face that said she was really into getting poked hard and fast. In one of her more memorable scenes, this whore let John Holmes stick his massive pole up her ass and fuck her tight backdoor to a sweet climax.

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This lusty cocksucker moved to leading lady roles and created an incredible body of work

Needless to say, a woman of Annie's talent would not stay in supporting bit pieces in porn films for long. She was the top bill in her own film in called "Little Oral Annie." After this, her career really began to take off. Porn producers at this time were trying to find the next big name in the industry to rival those of the day like Seka or Annie Sprinkle, and thought they had found it in this cocksucker.

This siren became a staple in the Swedish Erotica series of films, appearing in 11 of them. Of course, she was guaranteed roles in movies that focused on like "Best of Deepthroat" or "Oral Ecstasy 5." Besides her oral skills, this stacked whore was popular with film producers because she was incredibly easy to get along with. Numerous actors, including Ron Jeremy, remember this endearing quality about her. The talented cocksucker can also be seen in a video inside of Vintage Cuties members' area. Come join us now.

Surprisingly, Annie made an excellent niche for herself doing which included (where Annie was both dominant and submissive) and (where this starlet was taking punishment, including spanking). Her work in these films was done under the name Little Oral Annie and also under a number of aliases, such as Oral Annie, Annie Owens, Andrea Owens, Anita Laiz, Little Andrea, and Little Oral Anne.

Besides movies, Annie did an extensive number of photo shoots for men's magazines. She was widely featured in the publications of "Score," "Juggs," "High Society" and "Cheri." Because of her movie fame, magazines used this busty harlot to increase their sales by prominently featuring her within their pages.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of Annie's photo work was her posing . Very rarely did she ever sit for a photograph with a cock in her mouth. Instead, she would position her body to get maximum camera exposure on her natural tits and . She frequently wore sexy outfits like corsets, garter belts, or sexy, tight lingerie to accentuate her beautiful body, but would equally wear nothing at all and let the photographer take in her majesty.

This big-breasted blowjob artist kept up a steady stream of work until the late '80s. In , she made her last porn industry appearance in the movie "Nasty Nights." By this point, Little Oral Annie had made over three dozen full-length, sex-charged films, over 65 shorter or limited appearances in other , and had appeared in over 30 men's magazines before she finally retired in , after 11 years in porn.

At some stage, she got married to musician Buddy Owen, started a family, and lives in either San Geronimo, San Gregorio or Bolinas, California (USA). Annie also became a music teacher with the local school district. The famous classic pornstar has thoroughly shed her porn past, never granting any interviews and completely avoids any media.

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Little Oral Annie body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Little Oral Annie wiki and facts
BornJanuary 13, 1960 (age 64)
Years active1980-1991
Started around20 years old
In business11 years
AliasesAndrea Parducci, Oral Annie, Annie Owens, Andrea Owens, Anita Laiz, Little Andrea, Little Oral Anne
What are the interesting facts about Little Oral Annie?

Table 2

Little Oral Annie physical body statistics
Height5 ft 5 in165 cm
Weight130 lb59 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size27 in69 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements38-27-37 in97-69-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Little Oral Annie?

Table 3

Little Oral Annie bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38D85D38D100D5D16DD85
What bra and cup size did Little Oral Annie wear?
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