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Watch steamy hardcore porn in the vintage kissing porn category from the naughty 1920s to recent images from the 1970s. This is how it used to go down back in the day.

Kissing is effectively utilized in vintage porn pictures as effective foreplay that gets the girls in the mood to fuck. Women also kiss passionately during sex when things get intense and even during or after an orgasm. It's virtually impossible to resist an affectionate kiss from a romantic partner during any phase of the fucking progress.

Kissing was used to express different sentiments in different cultures and content; the common one was love and affection. Given that kissing has been around for quite some time, it was no surprise it featured in the first porn magazines, as depicted in the vintage kissing porn pics on this page.

While the history of kissing remains contentious among anthropologists, they can all agree that kissing is not a creation of the modern world. The earliest kissing reference dated back about 3,500 years ago. The erotic act also features heavily in ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, and Greek poetry, not to mention its reference in the Bible.

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