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Busty Lisa de Leeuw is everything you want to remember about nude pornstars in the 1980s! Shoulder length red hair, flat ass, big bouncy tits, a , and the kind of appetite for cock that is unrivaled from any other era! Having starred in over 200 films, mostly in the , made Lisa de Leeuw's unique name famous, and also got her body adored, as she was known for those swinging huge breasts bobbing up and down under one of the era's more recognized faces.

Sexy redhead Lisa DeLeeuw spreads her legs in a provocative red lingerie

Sexy redhead Lisa DeLeeuw spreads her legs in a provocative red lingerie

Lisa's big move to Los Angeles kicked off her naughty acting career

Born Lisa Trego on (age 65) in Moline, Illinois (USA), Lisa admits she was a tomboy and a typical Midwestern growing up. She loved the and she wasn't overly girly, but she also loved the attention that guys gave her. As she developed and her chest quickly grew she got more attention than she could ever imagine. It wasn't long before her shirt was coming off and every guy in town was trying to get a glimpse.

Early in her life Lisa thought she might attempt to get into movies or acting. She admits that in high school she was and wore her hair like her who was holding her back. After high school, she was working for a car dealership, but her boyfriend worked at an adult movie theater. That was her first introduction to porn and she found it a little boring.

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At 19-year-old, Lisa de Leeuw dropped 40 pounds (18 kilograms), changed her hair style and moved to Los Angeles (USA) with her then boyfriend to pursue a modeling and acting career. In , this sexy redhead quickly found that nude modeling jobs came easy and her still curvy figure and giant 40DD/E US (90E EU/Int, see Table 3) tits were very much in demand.

It didn't take long for photographers and fans alike to discover her very impressive natural talents. This vintage pornstar of the '80s was working almost every day as a when a friend told her she could make a lot of money in porn. At the time, the porn industry was in full swing, churning out home videos as fast as they could.

Producers took one look at Lisa's and natural, and couldn't wait to get her in front of the camera. With 39-24-37 inches (99-61-94 centimeters, see Table 2), DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) measurements, 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimeters) height and 133 pounds (60 kilograms) weight, soon Lisa was working so often in movies that she started using different names to avoid oversaturation. She went by Lisa Deleuew, Lisa de Ugga and Lil'Redhead among others.

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A taste of the hardcore gets her business churning

Seeing Lisa de Leeuw operate on film is really an experience, especially if you like big breasted redheads! And who wouldn't? This unforgettable was one of those stacked porn stars from the era that actually seemed to enjoy sex, and looked damn good doing it. You'll see her touching herself often here in the member's area at Vintage Cuties, with a finger on her clit as she's getting , or when she's alone too.

Lisa's soft, bouncing breasts have beautiful pink nipples on the end of them, with large areolas. Her pale skin is adorned with cute freckles on her chest and face, giving her that slight tomboy look that goes very well with how passionately she fucks.

If you're a nylon lover, Lisa de Leeuw is for you! She's often wearing and garter belts in her pornographic content, as it frames her juicy white ass perfectly, especially when she's on top riding a lucky dick to an . She always had that high ratio of classy to slutty, and it made her movies can't miss! You'll see Lisa in pure action inside of Vintage Cuties, just become a member now.

This retro sex star did a lot of solo action, finger fucking herself in a pair of thigh high stockings. And, of course, her most notorious work is hardcore, where this freckled babe is not shy in spreading her legs and letting her red pubic hair show through as her pussy lips are parted for a hard cock. Lisa hopped from position to position like a good lay should, and took plenty of to her big boobs, as well as her hungry tongue.

And you don't want to miss and videos of this harlot either! She gets naughty with some of the hottest babes in the industry, dressing in very sexy lingerie together and frolicking in bed.

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Lisa de Leeuw bounces her way through dozens of great 1980s porn flicks

Lisa took a few years off, but returned to the porn world in the mid-1980s and even tried her hand a co-producing a few movies, but found she didn't like it. She preferred to be in front of the camera. As she put it, "it was more of a bother than it was worth, plus I wasn't getting laid."

Lisa de Leeuw was the famous porn star of her era more because of volume than because of her name. Throughout her 15-year career, Lisa was the workhorse of the era; regularly churning out great scenes and showing up on videos with some of the hottest pornstars with big tits like her too. She's been featured along with such names as Seka, Ginger Lynn and Vanessa Del Rio.

This busty diva did a lot of starving herself in the early though to keep getting work and was growing tired of that kind of scene. She gained a lot of weight back and was in some of her mid-80s videos, but still had that amazing rack that people wanted to see. Lisa took a hiatus for a little while but came back in the later '80s to co-produce some movies, as well as star in some. But she was losing out in roles to some of the pornstars of that era, and she wasn't as excited to do some of the newer movies that were less script-heavy compared to the more acting-based porn movies that she was doing and enjoying.

If you look at the content through the years at Vintage Cuties though, it didn't matter what size she was. This classic porn goddess was always a hot curvy with those massive funbags! Lisa de Leeuw faded out of the industry in the 1990s, and unfortunately got caught up with drugs and spiraled out of control. There are many reports that she died of AIDS in from using drugs instead of being in the industry.

However, even in the 2000s, it's being reported that she's alive and well. Quite a mysterious way to talk about such a beautiful and sexy pornstar, but it's her movies and her that have us still talking about Lisa de Leeuw, and you can see why we're still talking about her when you check out all her hot and hardcore content, and see many of the other women of the '80s and other porn eras, in the Vintage Cuties members area. Join the fun, sign up now.

Lisa De Leeuw body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Lisa De Leeuw wiki and facts
BornJuly 3, 1959 (age 65)
Years active1978-1993
Started around19 years old
In business15 years
AliasesLisa Trego, Lisa de Ugga
What are the interesting facts about Lisa De Leeuw?

Table 2

Lisa De Leeuw physical body statistics
Height5 ft 5 in165 cm
Weight133 lb60 kg
Bust size39 in99 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements39-24-37 in99-61-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Lisa De Leeuw?

Table 3

Lisa De Leeuw bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40DD/E90E40DD105E6E18DDE90
What bra and cup size did Lisa De Leeuw wear?
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