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Porn as we know it today evolved from classic stag films. These were short amateur XXX clips produced and distributed clandestinely between and at the height of the sexual revolution. Stag films are considered the primitive form of porn, considering they paved the way for the commercial production of adult content during the Golden Age of Porn.

Created by amateur artists and non-professional performers, stag films were homemade porn produced for an all-men audience and were constantly screened in brothels.

Discover our growing collection of vintage stag film porn videos from the silent film era until the late sixties. The XXX clips lag in both video and sound quality. In fact, most of them didn't feature comprehensible dialogue. They also did not follow the script, and enthusiastic people were invited to straight hardcore or romantic action.

Watch everything from hardcore couple sex, lesbians making out and eating each other's cunts passionately, threesomes, and hardcore fucking showing in short clips running for at most 12 minutes.

All the vintage porn movies in this category are black and white, probably created on 16 mm and 8 mm film formats. Enjoy the erotic action and learn some porn history while at it.

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