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Classy, sassy and with just the right amount of mischief running through her veins, babe Delores De Vaughn is a example of a 1950s . Many of her spreads feature her in sexy stockings, busty lingerie and show off her amazing tits, but from time to time, she pushed it just enough to the edge that you might think this classy girl had bit of kinky side.

Vintage blonde Delores De Vaughn lying in fishnets and a sexy robe that uncovers her erected nipples

Vintage blonde Delores De Vaughn lies in fishnets and a sexy robe that uncovers her erected nipples

Delores busts out with her busts out

In the early curvy, blonde bombshell Delores De Vaughn slipped out of her clothes, into some red-hot lingerie and the spank banks of men all across the nation. This sexy, leggy put off a vibe that she was approachable, maybe even gettable no matter how sexy she was. This, mixed with her undeniable good looks, and a great body quickly made her a women men longed to be with.

At first glance, you might think that Delores was a bit of a gone wild. She wasn't a spring chicken like some of the other girls coming onto the and pinup scene at the time. By looking into her eyes and letting her embrace you with her smile, you get the feeling that she is old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it.

Delores's trademark of sorts was her long legs and the variety of she would wear. From sensual, sheer to lace heavy thighhighs to incredible fishnets, Delores's legs would draw your eyes to them. As your eyes traveled from her ankles up her thighs to the rest of her body, you realize that those legs lead you right to heaven.

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Delores De Vaughn has great boobs for any season

This long-legged classic pinup babe also liked to have some seasonal fun. When Halloween came, Delores De Vaughn (also worked under the names Delores DeVaughn and Dolores DuVaughn) delivered far more treats than tricks when she dressed up as a very naughty witch in one shoot that found her topless and wearing nothing more than stockings, garters, and a pointy hat. Her perfectly round, natural D cup breasts where a pair of Jack-o-Lanterns that could have you trick-or-tugging all night long. At other times, she hit the beach wearing only a sailor's hat and bikini bottom. No need for flotation devices, Delores brought her own.

Delores De Vaughn didn't always pose alone. In a handful of pictorials, she brings along some very sexy friends. One set finds her and another beautiful woman modeling hats. As the photo spread starts, they are both fully dressed and looking like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine, but the clothes don't last long as they both strip down. Soon they are lying down, relaxing next to each other with only their hats left on. The fun also made its way for a series of photos where she and three other women posed nude in a boat and at various places around the beach. These ladies clearly like to vacation au naturel!

While this vintage pornstar occasionally posed , Delores's bread and butter remained in the sexy lingerie and heel niche. She loved to pose in ways that showed off her ample curves while always allowing us an excellent view of her large, incredible 36D US (80D EU/Int, see Table 1) tits. She tended to keep things classy by not doing any full frontal nudity. Any fully nude shoots she did include a skillful, playful covering of her lusty pussy.

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Delores gets a little kinky in some racy photos

From time to time Delores gave us a glimpse into her mischievous side when she would shoot photos that were just the right amount of kinky to make you think that she was up for some serious good times. In one such photo, she poses nude next to another lady as they barely cover their beavers with a shared garter belt. Another set finds her in lingerie rolling around on the floor wrestling with another woman. While it is difficult to say for sure who has the upper hand, there is no doubt her rough and tumble photo shoot will leave you hard.

There are several great magazine pictures of Delores De Vaughn dressed up in heels, knee high boots, and elbow length leather gloves along with some great waist high underwear and a . She has a focused look of determination on her face as she snaps the whip she is holding. This blonde babe clearly means business or some very fun.

Perhaps the kinkiest thing Delores ever did was a few photos that found her in bra and with her arms tied behind her back and her legs tied together at the knees. She struggles to break free while the look on her face tells you that she loves every second of it.

Whether this retro bombshell was being classy and sophisticated in intricate or showing off her naughty side in leather and lace, Delores always kept it sexy and put on a show that left boob lovers drooling.

Delores De Vaughn didn't model for long, but she left behind a sexy, sultry, fun and naughty body of work that gives us some great insight to who she is. Join Vintage Cuties today to get access to all of Ms. De Vaughn's pictures, as well as thousands of pictures and videos of other pin-up girls, , burlesque dancers and .

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Table 1

Delores De Vaughn bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36D80D36D95D4D14DD80
What bra and cup size did Delores De Vaughn wear?
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