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Lesbianism was present in ancient societies despite government and religion strongly discouraging them. In fact, erotica art with lesbian themes existed in Ancient Rome, and rampantly so during the renaissance.

Around the early 1960s, the American government grew a pair and rightfully relaxed regulations criminalizing same-sex sexual activities.

It is worth noting that even before these relaxations, lesbian erotica was incorporated subtly in drama films and sometimes explicitly in outright defiance.

German, 1931 "Mädchen in Uniform" is documented as the first lesbian erotica. The 1970s witnessed an upsurge of lesbian erotica productions. While we couldn't host these groundbreaking films here, we pride ourselves on a nostalgic selection of vintage lesbian porn videos from around the same period.

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Threesomes and other forms of group sex were common in these eras. Somehow, the girls didn't mind sharing and sometimes incorporating boys to spice up the action.

Lucky men would join the already aroused girls and have their cocks sucked and soaked in dripping wet hairy cunts. The girls used dildos, tongues, and fingers to care for their itchy pussies.

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