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Cute, flirty, and voluptuous pinup diva Darlene English wowed men with her enormous boobs and her willingness to do lesbian and guy-girl photo spreads with her nipples being fondled and sucked on. Whether and playing with her breasts and or with a partner, this curvy goddess of men's magazines knew how to arouse her fans.

Naughty beauty Darlene English lying in the green grass with her hairy pussy and huge tits

Naughty beauty Darlene English lies in the green grass with her hairy pussy and gigantic tits

Breathtakingly lustful princess Darlene English was born in Fargo, North Dakota (USA) in (age 70) and it was there that she developed into the 44-28-38 inches (112-71-97 centimeters), DDD/F cup US (F EU/Int) girl that garnered relentless attention from busty babe men's magazines and the guys that purchased them seeking and gorgeous curves.

Her career began in the early , shortly after her 18th birthday, and it wasn't long before she became a sensation, due in part to her fantastic 5 feet, 1 inch (155 centimeters) and 160 pounds (73 kilograms) body, cute face, and in part to her willingness to go beyond the solo content most girls starred in.

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Huge natural tits and curvy hips make Darlene English irresistible

Though she is a natural and would occasionally appear with brown hair, Darlene primarily posed as a blonde. Her ; their shape is splendidly natural like two watermelons on her chest. Her nipples are perfection, and her areolas look delectable as they take up plenty of surface area on her 44DDD/F US (100F EU/Int, see Table 2) breasts.

It is clear that this curvaceous vintage pornstar knew of the power of her and developed great skill at modeling them for the camera. She used all the tricks, like pushing them together or leaning forward ever so slightly to make them look sexier.

Dark pubic hair surrounds the arousing pussy of vintage pinup Darlene English though she never let it grow particularly long, so you often have a view of her labia. Her cunt looks tight, with the outer lips folding inwards to create that arousing view that became exceedingly popular in the 1990s. This busty blonde goddess was ahead of her time.

A significant portion of Darlene's picture posing work came in adult magazines "Gent" and "Kingsize International," both of which she appeared in multiple times. This buxom star also posed for "Fling," "Night," "Supermamas" and "Cavalcade." In some magazine publications she was credited as Yuma Robertson, Denise, Yum Yum and Yum Yum Yankowitz.

Like most of her contemporaries she produced numerous shoots of sexy solo content with hot shots of her tits, and lingerie, and lusty tit fondling where her hands would grasp her full breasts and squeeze them, sometimes with a bit of sexy thrown in.

In a truly rare bit of magazine content from the 1970s, Darlene would occasionally fuck her pussy with . She's in the bathtub in one such shoot and has a flesh-colored inside her soapy, hairy cunt as she looks sensually down at her hot hole while it.

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BBW Darlene English soaks her hairy pussy and big tits in a tub

Curvy Darlene English Made Lesbian Porn Pics with Other Busty Babes

It was the boy-girl and that made Darlene English such an irresistible treat. She was happy to go right to the limits of what was published those days, so you'll see numerous girl-on-girl images with breast fondling, gentle kissing and tease pictures with a tongue extended as if it's about to feast on a vulva and make the girl .

A lesbian was particularly edgy and arousing, showing the girls holding the lifelike rubber at the entrance to the cunt, ready to push it inside and make each other cum. Few models shot lesbian pinup porn better than this stacked blonde bombshell and in both black and white and color the images were scintillating.

In naughty boy-girl shoots, Darlene was happy to get up close and personal with a guy to make the magazine buyers horny. There are sexy images of her head in a guy's lap, his cock presumably tangled in her hair. In another a guy is mere inches from her pussy, his tongue extended and eager to pleasure her. There's a gorgeous picture where the boy takes her nipple in his mouth as she holds her tit to him, urging him to suck on her and show her the passion he feels.

Because a significant portion of Darlene's work was about , lesbian sex, and fooling around with guys, most of her shoots were indoors. Though you can find her out in the grass on a few occasions, mostly she's in the bedroom, bathroom or fooling around on a couch.

This classic pin-up babe was a naturally cute girl and she utilized that to her advantage, typically keeping her makeup simple with pink lips and a soft look, though heavy eye makeup would sometimes be used to sex things up a bit.

were a frequent companion in her pictures, often coupled with a garter belt, as there is truly nothing sexier on a woman, particularly when the belt frames the . She always looked put together with painted fingernails, with the red looking hottest when she would grab her breasts and squeeze them tight for .

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Big natural tits look hot on film as Darlene English bounces around

Darlene was famous enough and bold enough to be cast in a few short films where she got to show off her goods. If you can find "Big Bust Babes #1" or "Big Bust Babes #2," they're worth a look to see her enormous breasts in action and admire her beautiful as she bounces around. You will surely find those sex videos of Darlene's boobs inside of Vintage Cuties, so hurry up to get your membership.

By the late '70s, Darlene had retired, stepping away as age caught up with her and the public's lust for busty meant this classic hottie was no longer in as high a demand.

Vintage Cuties has put together an impressively large collection of Darlene English pictures that capture the full breadth of her work. There are busty babe where she models lingerie, fondles her big boobs, and pulls her pussy lips wide open to show the pink cunt flesh inside or masturbates with her favorite toys.

Plentiful pictures depict Darlene fondling and licking other babes with a passion on her face, and though it's a smaller collection there are boy-girl pictures full of desire. She's a remarkable treat for fans of big tits blondes, and a must see for lovers of curvy vintage .

Darlene English body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Darlene English physical body statistics
Height5 ft 1 in155 cm
Weight160 lb73 kg
Bust size44 in112 cm
Waist size28 in71 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements44-28-38 in112-71-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Darlene English?

Table 2

Darlene English bra size and breast cup size
Bra size44DDD/F100F44E115F8F22EF100
What bra and cup size did Darlene English wear?
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