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Pat Wynn used her huge mature titties to dazzle her fans in plentiful spreads for busty magazines throughout the . She was always a classy MILF with hairy pussy, big natural boobs and a great lust for , especially the always hot stockings and garter belt combination that never fails to arouse. of this aged goddess look hotter than girls half her age and are far perkier than you might imagine so come feast your eyes on this pornstar.

Mature mom Pat Wynn aka Aunty Jane lying on her bed with soft saggy boobs

Mature mom Pat Wynn lies on her bed with soft saggy tits

Most girls get their start in the adult business in their early '20s and some cases their , but it was different for Pat Wynn (also known as Aunt Jane, Auntie Jane, Auntie Jayne, Aunt Jane and Pat Winn). This beauty was past her 40th birthday before she appeared in a magazine and enjoyed a thriving career as one of the premiere older models in the business.

This was active for 11 years, from to and amassed an impressive array of magazine appearances ("Escort," "Gent" and "Fiesta" among them) and a few videos that forever captured the sultry sway of her .

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Stunning huge perky breasts on an older lady drive the guys wild with desire

It's not a stretch to say that Pat had perfect breasts. They're DD/E cups US (E EU/Int), perhaps larger, and they're stunningly perky for a woman her age. You don't expect a lovely teardrop shape on a , but she had it and learned how to skillfully pose to enhance the sight of her titties. Of course, they're gorgeous enough that they don't need any help through poses; in images where the 40DD/E US (90E EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs are simply hanging free they look unbelievably hot. In a few sets, she has them in a or lingerie set and it doesn't get better than ogling her incredible hooters as they sit high on her chest like when she was 20.

Miss Wynn always had curly hair, though the styles changed through the years of her career. At first it was natural looking like she took a shower and let it dry curly. Later on, it looked more heavily styled, including perms, which were the fashion of the time. That style enhanced her mature look too, which was in high demand. Though and has become far more popular in recent years, it was still something that delighted men in the and Pat was at the forefront of the niche with her incredible big breasts.

What's often remarkable about her is that her 40-26-36 inches (102-66-91 centimeters, see Table 2) body looks exceptionally youthful while you can see the age in her face and it makes her so much hotter. It leads to fantasies of being with this skilled, experienced woman and enjoying everything she has to offer in the bedroom.

Mature lingerie babe Pat Wynn dazzles with a wide array of sexy underwear

Indeed her love of lingerie and lusty poses enhanced these fantasies. It's quite rare to see Pat Wynn pose without at least a pair of on and she's frequently dressed in full sets. One of her hottest sets has her in black stockings, , and an underbust corset with attached garters that leaves her exposed. Her blonde hair is in a perm, her purple eye shadow is beautiful, and a light coating of lipstick makes her more kissable than ever. In every picture from that shoot, she exudes the sort of irresistible confidence that makes a model worth stroking to.

This chesty sex star clearly had a love of and likely knew that dressing up her body with something sheer and sexy would make her even more appealing in magazine spreads. Pictures of her in a red baby doll are a blissful experience too and include the same permed hair.

Pat was largely a with the exception of a group shoot where she and five other busty ladies stripped to their stockings and garters and frolicked in the grass. There's a playful energy to that set that's irresistible as every girl gladly puts her huge boobs on display and they're all full of smiles and giggling as they pose for pictures. Otherwise, she was a solo older babe putting her efforts towards looking as hot as possible.

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Curvy model Pat Wynn had a big bush between her supple thighs

Her curves were quite lovely and towards the end of her career she had put on a little weight that enhanced them further, leading to a and wider hips. For a woman well past her 40th birthday she had an exceptionally hot lower half of her body with a gorgeous ass, a relatively firm tummy, and sexy thighs leading down to slim calves and beautiful feet.

This retro pornstar was fond of matching her finger and toenail polish, often going with red or pink if she wore anything. Between her legs the brunette babe offered a gorgeously thick bush of pubic hair through which you could sometimes make out her in the few pictures where she sits with her legs wide open and the camera focused on that hot hole. There are a few naughty images where she's on her hands and knees with her ass towards the camera that suggest mounting her from behind and having your way with her .

Outside of a few shoots, Pat posed for color photos, which was a function of her active years more than anything else. By the mid-'80s, black and white porn was largely a thing of the past. The color lets you better appreciate the fabulous lingerie choices she made and the way she would often coordinate her jewelry with it, wearing earrings of the same color to make her seem just a little bit sexier and classier.

The career of Pat Wynn mostly happened in the pages of magazines for men that love big boobs, but she appeared in a few movies to show off her incredible boobs. They're solo scenes where she models lingerie and fondles her tits just a little. Vintage Cuties has gathered most of her topless and fully and members get full instant access to the collection so you can appreciate the truly flawless breasts of one of the most arousing mature models of the 1980s.

Pat Wynn body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Pat Wynn wiki and facts
Years active1979-1990
In business11 years
AliasesPat Winn, Auntie Jane, Aunt Jane
What are the interesting facts about Pat Wynn?

Table 2

Pat Wynn physical body statistics
Bust size40 in102 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements40-26-36 in102-66-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Pat Wynn?

Table 3

Pat Wynn bra size and breast cup size
Bra size40DD/E90E40DD105E6E18DDE90
What bra and cup size did Pat Wynn wear?
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