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On this page, VintageCuties shares some of the hottest vintage solo porn pics ever appearing in adult magazines. We can assure you they're worth watching. Watch erotic solo performances by gorgeous 1950s pinups, lewd burlesque dancers, and strippers stripteasing passionately solo.

Girls fondle their big tits, caress their nude bodies, and finger their tempting cunts passionately until they climax.

Self-pleasuring or solo play was a common sexual practice of the classic era among the horny people of the time. Men and women alike opted to pleasure themselves sexually when there was no one to join them or whenever they needed to experience something a little intense and kinkier than fucking with a partner.

Of course, there were stereotypes surrounding solo sexual performances since it was only deemed natural to have a sexual partner whenever you needed to experience an orgasm. Regardless, the stereotypes weren't taboo enough for women not to do it on camera.

After all, a good percentage of the women back then, as it is today, was responsible for their own orgasms. They knew exactly the right buttons to press (how to masturbate), and it always worked out for them.

The heavy-weight pornstars featured in this vintage porn category include the 1950s-60s America's famous centerfold and talented stripper Jennie Lee, busty Karen Brown, Lisa De Leeuw, and the legendary Candy Barr, among several others.

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