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Marsha Jordan was such a prolific, talented, skilled, and lusted after in the '60s and that she earned the title Queen of Vintage Softcore from her legion of fans and her peers. The blonde with sweetheart good looks and the sort of sensuality you can't teach has more than 40 film credits to her name and sizzles on screen in each of them as she seduces guys and girls alike.

Sassy blonde Marsha Jordan seductively winking in her purple dress

Sassy blonde Marsha Jordan seductively winks in her purple dress

In the (age 84) a girl named Carolyn Marcel Jordan was born in the small Southern town of Gadsden, Alabama (). The granddaughter of a minister, she grew up in a convent after losing her parents at an early age, though based on her career choices it would seem the lessons the might have attempted to teach her didn't quite stick.

Carolyn would later become Marsha Jordan, one of the most successful busty actresses of the golden age of sexploitation films in the 1960s and '70s such as "College Girls Confidential" (), "The Head Mistress" (), "Lady Godiva Rides" (), "The Ramrodder" () and "Marsha, The Erotic Housewife" ().

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Curvaceous blonde becomes a household name thanks to softcore porn

Marsha has worked as a stewardess for Delta Airlines prior to beginning her acting career. Despite her upbringing in a house of religion, she was far from a prude and when she was offered a part in a while on vacation in Los Angeles (USA), in , she jumped at the chance to be in the naughty part of the movie business. Marsha was 20 years old.

From to this busty vintage pornstar appeared in more than 40 sexploitation films, steaming up the screen with both male and female partners because all that mattered to her was what looked good and what was passionate. She only retired because demand for had surged and she had no interest in starring in films that took the art out of sex and turned it into something clinical and boring.

Blessed with natural DD/E US (E EU/Int) cup boobs that maintained a gorgeous shape throughout her career, Marsha was a thrill to look at on screen and from the start she knew exactly how a woman should move to enhance her sexiness. Also starring under the names Marge Wilson and Carol Peters, she only got better as her career progressed.

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Bombshell Marsha Jordan sizzled in big titty magazines

Her hair was most often blonde, though, on occasion, she dyed it brown to mix up her look a little. This symbol was always a curvy girl with sexy hips and the older she got, the more those curves filled out, leading to a gorgeous fat ass that looked remarkably hot in both still pictures and her erotic movies.

Marsha's legs were soft and slender perfection and frequently clad in stockings of the vintage variety with garters attached to hold them up. It wasn't terribly common to see her , but there was usually a bush of natural blonde hair around it. Sometimes she would go shaved for a movie if she were looking to be a little bit naughtier.

More than many models and of her day, Marsha Jordan wore a wide variety of hairstyles, mostly to keep up with the parts she was playing. The style looks tend to be the hottest as they lend her a look of glamour, especially when the hair is nice and long and brushes against her big 34DD/E US (75E EU/Int, see Table 2) tits while she's on top of a guy.

Her lovely big eyes were often highlighted by eye shadow and liner as she wanted to look like a glamorous goddess on screen. Because of the variety of roles she played Marsha got to inhabit a wide range of types, though they were always beautiful, seductive women because she tended to be the star of the movie and had to be desired by all.

In her and stills from movie sets, she's almost always nude or in lingerie, mostly because everyone wants to feast their eyes on her incredible body with the and the curvy hips. In her amazing movies, there's a breathtaking variety of hot outfits to ogle her in.

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Alluring guy-girl and girl-girl sex scenes filled her acting career

Marsha had no objections to working with men and women in her movies. These films simulate sex and penetration and it does take skill on the part of the actors to make it look real, which is why you need women with talent.

There's a great movie where she plays the headmistress at an all girl's school that's filled with amazing as she teaches so many of the girls how to find pleasure. She does guy-girl scenes in that film too, including a great screw in a bathtub that was stunningly sensual. Marsha Jordan would do magazine shoots to promote the films and they would often include pictures from the set, like her riding a guy's cock or kissing the big tits of a beautiful girl.

As the 1970s rolled on Marsha moved into the stage of her career, though it wasn't actually called that back then. Instead, she was the girl with experience that would have sex with younger ladies or show a man what it's like when a woman with talent takes on his cock and gives him immense pleasure. If is all you've seen, then you're missing out because the skill on display in softcore videos like those of Marsha Jordan is incredible. Vintage Cuties has her sexiest XXX videos for you to watch, once you become a member.

Perhaps the greatest proof of her fame, talent, and likability is that this large-chested was able to work steadily and make great money doing public appearances where men and women alike would come to get her autograph and pose for pictures. They treated her like a and they loved her and there was nothing seedy about it. Marsha retired in , her career spanning 15 years.

The work of Marsha Jordan will be remembered forever thanks to her beauty, her curvaceous body, and her talent as the star of more than 40 vintage softcore porn films. Her lust for all things sexy led her to make scenes with beautiful ladies and guy-girl scenes with horny men that could barely contain their lust. You'll feel the same way as you browse so much of her content at Vintage Cuties, which has secured a wealth of media featuring the big breasted . Join today and get started wanking to her beauty.

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Table 1

Marsha Jordan wiki and facts
Born1940 (age 84)
Years active1960-1975
Started around20 years old
In business15 years
AliasesCarolyn Marcel Jordan, Marge Wilson, Carol Peters
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Table 2

Marsha Jordan bra size and breast cup size
Bra size34DD/E75E34DD90E3E12DDE75
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