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Porn history is littered with names of great men and women who braved unfathomable stereotypes to gift the good folks of their time masturbation-grade XXX content. Porn enthusiasts will remember French beauty Louise Willy for popularizing stripteasing in her 1909 performance in The Barber's Revenge.

Later in 1972, America's Linda Lovelace proved that dick belonged in the mouth as well, in Deepthroat. Desiree West, on her part, brought that ebony juice into the game and paved the way for many black female porn stars. The list of vintage porn pioneers is endless.

It's only fair that we pass on the timeless classics to the next generation of degenerates. It's a shame they don't learn it in school, but we've got them regardless.

Watch timeless vintage pornstar porn videos of the 1930s to 1980s on this page. Experience their unhealthy thirst for cum, tolerance to big cocks, the enviable big boobs, and the glamor of bushy pussies.

The girls loved having their cunts eaten. They would spread their legs apart, dim their vision, and melt in that euphoric moment of the tongue teasing their clits.

Among the hot pornstars featured in this section include the icon of the Golden Age of Porn, Juliet Anderson, Canadian Janey Reynolds, Desiree West, Candy Barr, Marsha Jordan, Chesty Morgan, etc.

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