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The beautiful big breasted of your dreams should have always been the great Candy Samples! With a career in and that spanned a few decades, Candy Samples has been wowing audiences with her humongous that were natural until later in life when she got them juiced up to gigantic dimensions! If you haven't seen this blonde buxom mom in nude XXX action, just wait until you check out videos and pics with her in all her bouncing beauty in the member's area of Vintage Cuties!

Beautiful babe Candy Samples sunbathing with enormous boobs and a hairy pussy

Beautiful babe Candy Samples sunbathes with enormous tits and a hairy pussy

Starting out small with her gigantic boobs leading the way

Candy Samples wasn't always the blonde MILF with the enormous 48DDD/E US (110E EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts that made her so famous later on in her porn career. She started out living in the Midwest, getting her start in Kansas City (USA) when she was born in . She had a harsh upbringing and didn't partake in much of the that had her name well-known later on. In fact, she apparently never given until her late 20s (she began her XXX career around 28 years old). And that was even after having a !

But she always had that incredible body that got her much attention, and got her into modeling when she left her simple ways behind and began posing in magazines. Standing at 5 feet, 4 inches (163 centimeters) tall and weighing 125 pounds (57 kilograms), Candy's measurements were 48-26-36 inches (122-66-91 centimeters, see Table 2). You can see plenty of those mid to late right here on our site when you sign up! She went under the names of Vivian Andresen, Mary Garvin, Angie Parks, Lydia Chase, Mary Wendover and Candy Mosler iin some of her early nude modeling work in , before the name Candy Samples got her the most notoriety.

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Candy's nude pictorials were something to behold. While her hair was often blonde, her was dark enough to show us that this stacked hottie was no natural blonde. Candy was also open to experimentation with her hairstyle and her pussy style. Throughout her career, she went with the full, thick thatch, a smaller trimmed landing strip style and then later a wild, entirely .

This well-endowed vintage pornstar often appeared in garters and stockings that did a fantastic job of showing off her strong, athletic legs. Candy had dancer's legs that had just the right amount of so they looked fabulous and could squeeze you just perfectly. Sadly, we don't get a lot of great looks at her , but she wore so many pairs of sexy with her toes peeking out the end that her feet still make your mouth water.

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Naked busty muscular mature Candy Samples does reps with dumbbells

Candy Samples "bouncing" around between softcore and hardcore jobs

In the later stages of the and through the '70s, buxom Candy Samples did a few hardcore movies, although she stopped doing them because the money wasn't as good as it was later, and for fear of being prosecuted for it. She spent most of the besides those few films dancing (because who wouldn't want to see her shake that gorgeous body when you know you're going to get to see plenty of those breasts bouncing?), modeling, doing by the dozens, and she had a regular column in "Juggs magazine" called "Candy's Column," which was a very detailed and very sexy column featuring her giving advice.

This curvaceous retro sex symbol was featured plenty of times in "Juggs" magazine, and obviously not only for her writing talents. Just look at the name of the magazine and then see some of the luscious she has in our member's area, and you can understand why the dear readers of the magazine always wanted more!

Getting involved in hardcore becomes her true passion

Now if you had heard of Candy Samples, or at least are familiar with the naughty MILF's stunning tits and how many younger she's milked over the years, you're probably most familiar with her work in the . The Golden Age of Porn had Candy right in the middle of it, and she was ready to blossom into the hot you might know her as today. Or if you don't know her, you're certainly going to find out when you gain access to our member's area!

Even though we already know this vixen had , she went from DD/E US (E EU/Int) to DDD/F US (F EU/Int) for the second wave of hardcore porn in her 34-year career. Her augmented boobs were full and bouncy, and didn't have that hard plastic look, like a lot of her fellow pornstars had in that era. Incredibly, as her breasts got bigger her nipples remained their perfect, amazing selves. Often breast implants cause issues, but Candy's remained those perfectly round, slightly tan silver dollar sized pieces of perky perfection you just want to wrap your mouth around. She looked fabulous for her age, and that's what got her foot in the door when it came to the classic that we love to watch.

Candy Samples was a natural , but she hardly let that be known when she was modeling and fucking on camera. This stacked vintage MILF wore a lot of wigs especially and platinum ones when she danced or in her videos. It definitely added to her older woman look, along with the sexy thigh high and garter belt combinations that she often wore in her pictorials and videos. What a hot that we'd all like to ! And of course you can watch the hottest Candy's porn videos on Vintage Cuties if you join right now.

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With her hairy pussy and cocksucking skills, Candy becomes a queen of hardcore porno in 1980s

And fuck she did on camera, with tons of great footage from the late '70s and '80s featuring her and, of course, those massive titties. She did lots of different scenes, including solo , boy-girl, role play, and even . After all, what girl wouldn't want to dine on those luscious breasts for a while?

Her boobs coupled with her age and a that shook and jiggled in all the right ways as she slammed herself down on allowed Candy to quickly become one of the hottest, most sought after MILFs in porn!

Candy did still find time during her busy porn, dancing and modeling career to get involved in a few more mainstream projects. In the same year this buxom stunner banged John Holmes on screen she appeared in a "Sexy Wrestling" film directed by Ron Dvorkin.

Candy's amazing body, energetic attitude and willingness to do and show anything made her a fan favorite and brought her fabulous amounts of attention from men all over the world. The band the "Zodiac Killers" even wrote a song about her called "I Want a Girl Just like Candy Samples." You know you are drop dead sexy when your looks move men to make music about you!

Candy Samples almost made it to her 50s in the porn world, as she retired from the industry in , leaving an impressive resume of softcore and hardcore videos, as well as pictures and magazines, and performances all over the world. She worked with some of the top names in the industry, with John Holmes being one of the many lucky guys to feast on her tits and busty beauties like Uschi Digard and Kitten Natividad sharing the screen with her.

Sadly, Candy passed away on , in Virginia, . She was 79 at the time of her death.

Even though, we still have a great collection of high quality footage and pictures that you should get acquainted with when you sign up for Vintage Cuties and see Candy and all the girls from 1960s-1980s era, and many others, that make up the history of the porn industry.

Candy Samples body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Candy Samples wiki and facts
BornApril 12, 1940
DiedSeptember 26, 2019 (aged 79)
Years active1968-2002
Started around28 years old
In business34 years
AliasesVivian Andresen, Mary Garvin, Angie Parks, Lydia Chase, Mary Wendover, Candy Mosler
What are the interesting facts about Candy Samples?

Table 2

Candy Samples physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 in163 cm
Weight125 lb57 kg
Bust size48 in122 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements48-26-36 in122-66-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Candy Samples?

Table 3

Candy Samples bra size and breast cup size
Bra size48DDD/F110F48E125F10F26EF110
What bra and cup size did Candy Samples wear?
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