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In the , there was an influx of gorgeous girls with incredible bodies that you were only dreaming of before seeing them in the naughty magazines that you would hide underneath your mattress. Bonnie Logan stood out from many of them, not only because of her super-sized chest with nipples that made you want to bite and suck on the picture, but because of her spunk and feistiness that came through the images regardless of the pose.

Beautiful Bonnie Logan with a satin scarf covering her pussy lying topless on the floor

Beautiful Bonnie Logan with a satin scarf covering her pussy lies topless on the floor

Launching pad for this sexy starlet success starts with a risky move

This big breasted beauty was born Bonnie Bakken in (age 87), a gorgeous All-American girl that didn't start out as a showing her off and titillating guys all over the country with her and singing shows. However, she always had the dream of making it big and seeing her name in lights in big cities while growing up on a quiet country farm in Black Earth, Wisconsin (USA).

Being as independent and strong-willed as she was, Bonnie was going to do what it took to move beyond the farm, her church, and her small town upbringing. She knew she had to make a large leap for stardom, which is what we're thankful for because we never would have enjoyed those of hers in all the magazines of that era!

In , as a 20-year-old, she set out for Los Angeles () on a wing and a prayer after small modeling jobs back home, knowing that's where this stacked babe had to be to have a chance at being one of the starlets that she had only seen on the big screen in her town.

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How big breasts gets Bonnie Logan some big business in bigger cities

It's not like small town Bonnie, now known as Bonnie Logan for the ease her name could be said and remembered, just had a beautiful face and a lovely body and hoped that would get her noticed. Having 38-22-36 inches (97-56-91 centimeters, see Table 2) measurements (weighing 122 pounds (55 kilograms) and standing 5 feet, 4 ½ inches (164 centimeters) tall) and huge, round boobs that turned the average pictorial into an almost a 3D extravaganza will make you stand out above the rest for sure!

Hell, it makes plenty of our cocks stand at attention seeing her take off her bra and reveal those luscious titties and tasty nipples, and we know you'll enjoy them too! Some of her earlier work was on the tame side, with poses in undergarments that hid some of what we all wanted to see, but showed just enough to keep you excited and drooling for more. But soon enough, she was showing exactly what we all desired; her enormous breasts complete with big puffy areolas that you just wanted to squeeze and lick the whole day through.

As Bonnie's notoriety grew, this large-chested vintage pornstar appeared in well-known magazines like "Fling" and "Girl Watcher." Sometimes she posed under the names Laura Lee or Jane Logan. By the late '50s and early , Bonnie Logan was parlaying that craving for more of her into one of the hottest acts Los Angeles (USA) had ever seen. More people were getting to see what you'll see in our members area; a stacked babe showing off her assets!

Men were clamoring to see her long, sexy legs as she strutted across the stage in thigh high , lingerie and . They cheered as she shed her sexy outfits and flashed that mysterious smile. With her dark hair often cascading over her shoulders, Bonnie was the perfect mix of sweet and naughty vixen!

What set this apart from many other models was her tight, perfect . It was a little bit on the round side, but still firm enough you could bounce a quarter off of it and when she stood tall and stretched her body out, her ass added just enough to her curves that it gave her a near perfect hourglass figure.

Sadly, in her entire 10-year modeling career, we didn't get any real full from Bonnie, but there were some shoots where she appeared in very tiny or just covering her pussy with a towel, her hands or a piece of clothing to let us know that she must have kept it at least partially trimmed.

Bonnie Logan was a real triple threat. Sure, she looked fantastic and could model, but she was also an excellent singer and dancer. It wasn't just her body that was packing houses now; it was her singing voice, as she mixed the two together to put on a brilliant show that had audiences howling, as their ears enjoyed the sounds, and other body parts enjoyed the sight of her natural curves on the stage. Even celebrities and some nefarious characters of the era wanted more of Bonnie!

Bonnie shows off her curvy assets and her other abilities worldwide

Los Angeles (USA) wasn't the only place that Bonnie Logan was enticing with her winning personality and her big supple boobs. Her reach was growing thanks to the popular magazines she was being featured in, especially as some of the magazines made the move to color so we could see the hue of her body, the blue of her eyes, and the darkness of her hair, as well as the sexy that adorned her hugable, suckable natural breasts.

This bosomy retro babe knew just what to do to show off her wild side right along with every inch of her body in magazines, and now in places like San Francisco (USA), and even as far away as , she was doing , burlesque shows and even taking the stage to tell jokes and banter with the audience. The crowd ate it up and always wanted more. While her nude body and huge bouncy 38D US (85D EU/Int, see Table 3) tits were the main attraction in the many magazines she was featured in, Bonnie had more to offer on stage, which got her the fame that she had been seeking ever since she was a young girl on the farm.

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Never ashamed of the joy her stacked figure gave

Bonnie Logan never lost that feisty electric spirit that came through in her magazines, as well as on stage. But that doesn't mean that she was always able to get her way and get exactly what she wanted.

Bonnie had a husband in the '60s into the that she accused of beating her so badly that she had to have reconstructive surgery on her beautiful face. That kind of abuse, along with how long she had been on the show circuit, forced her to reconsider her career path, and Bonnie retired in . This kitten returned to Wisconsin comfortable in what she had done, but ready to move on after years of baring her body; an act that even to this day, she states that it was doing what she loved, and she never felt ashamed about it.

At peace with her life as an extraordinary performer, Bonnie enjoys telling younger generations many tales of her and performing past, with a smile on her face knowing how good it made her feel to obtain the fame she sought after so many years ago.

You owe it to yourself to check out some of Bonnie's best pictorials featured in magazines that exhibit her body in beautiful, artistic, and very sexy ways. Check out the hottest shots of Bonnie Logan teasing us through the images, as she takes off that had to be custom made for her big tits, as she strips them off to reveal her supple breasts that you know were perpetually bouncing as she moved from pose to pose with her fiery, sexy personality always coming through.

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Bonnie Logan body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Bonnie Logan wiki and facts
Born1937 (age 87)
Years active1957-1967
Started around20 years old
In business10 years
AliasesBonnie Bakken, Laura Lee, Jane Logan
What are the interesting facts about Bonnie Logan?

Table 2

Bonnie Logan physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 ½ in164 cm
Weight122 lb55 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size22 in56 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements38-22-36 in97-56-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Bonnie Logan?

Table 3

Bonnie Logan bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38D85D38D100D5D16DD85
What bra and cup size did Bonnie Logan wear?
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