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It is clear from our vintage bra porn pics that the classic man was obsessed with tits as much as we do today. They'd reach in the bra, free the caged breasts to suck the puffy nipples for foreplay and during coitus.

This page hosts a collection of steamy vintage porn featuring stunning babes in bras, most of them with their large breasts almost breaking out from the bras.

The modern bra as we know it today has been part of female fashion since the design was patented in in the U.S.

Before then, some women went braless while others used a cloth to cover and support their breasts. That was before the corset became popular in the late 1800s.

Back then, you'd describe bras as supportive, functional, and sexy, given their association with breasts.

Watch slutty babes in the gym working out with only their bras and panties on. The retro photos feature different cup sizes, from small tits to large boobs like those of the 1950s burlesque dancers.

Meet the gorgeous girls of the '30s, '40s, '50s, and the '80s looking adorable, masturbating, and having steamy sex with their bras on while these bras get removed during the fucking.

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