Top Vintage Black Porn Stars: Best Classic Ebony Actresses

The history of black women in pornography is long and storied, dating back to the early 20th century when African-Americans were featured in forbidden stag films. This is how the world got its first glimpse of some of the most famous ebony porn stars ever fucked on camera.

The size of the classic black pornstar market

Many people don't realize just how big the black pornstar market was.

It is estimated that between 10% and 30% of all pornographic films produced in the United States in the first half of the 20th century featured ebony actors.

From the to the , ebony women were among the most popular performers in the adult film industry. They starred in films that were often more daring than mainstream Hollywood fare and had a massive impact on how sex was portrayed in the movies.

Black models were often hired by white photographers who used them to create images that would appeal to white audiences. This was especially true in the and when white photographers and advertisers began to capitalize on the desire of some blacks to look like whites. This led to the creation of what became known as "Whiteface."

The secret behind the sex appeal of black babes

The secret behind the sex appeal of dark-skinned ladies is that they all have one thing in common - the have big tits and excellent fucking skills! This was enough to make the men drool with their hard-ons and drive them crazy.

To outshine their white counterparts, porn actresses of color had to suck harder and take cocks deeper into their cunts and assholes. After each interracial shoot, the girls were taken to the bathroom to clean out their hairy pussies and assholes to get ready for the next scene.

But that didn't stop ebony sex workers from making waves in the adult industry. These ladies helped set the standards for others to follow and paved the way for future generations of African-American starlets.

There has never been a shortage of famous black female performers in the adult industry, but some stand out from the crowd. From the to today, chocolate-skinned pornstars have become household names thanks to their ability to fuck hard and take it deep.

Black pin-ups, burlesque dancers and fashion models

The and was an era of stunning nightclub floorshows featuring African-American girls traveling coast-to-coast and around the world.

During this time, the number of black women entering the profession increased dramatically. Many of these women found work in the adult film industry after being recruited by agents who promised them steady work and good pay.

African-American women have been performing burlesque in its various incarnations since at least the late 19th century.

Black burlesque shows were common in major cities during the Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance.

Few people know this, but black pin-up girls were quite popular in the narrow circles of gourmet erotica. There was always a demand for a pair of black tits and a wet pussy from such exotic ebony models as Lottie 'the Body' Graves, Toni Elling, Madeleine Sahji Jackson, Marie Bryant, Jean Idelle, etc.

The black queens of the catwalk were another kind of classic chocolate-skinned ladies; the men couldn't take their cocks off their photos. Fashion supermodels like Sara Lou Harris, Dorothea Towles, Donyale Luna, and others appeared on the covers of the magazines in the , , and .

Though largely unsung, these beautiful black women were models and shake dancers who set the stage for for modern black female entertainers.

These iconic stars paved the way for future generations of black performers by showing the world what it meant to be a sexy, independent ebony woman.

We celebrate women who have made their mark on the adult film scene and left a lasting legacy. It's a roll of honor for classic ebony porn stars who have made adult entertainment history.

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