Top Vintage Pornstars, Pin-ups and Classic Nude Actresses from the 1940s

The have brought women a bikini, bullet bras, nylon stockings, the movie "Casablanca" (), and men plenty of beautiful vintage porn stars to adore.

During the World War II years, the sexiest actresses of the were often portrayed in provocative poses, usually partially nude, in photographs, calendars, or mass-produced posters.

The phenomenon of pin-up pornography

The sexy pictures were simply cut out of magazines and then literally "pinned-up" - often with thumbtacks, on walls, the insides of lockers, desks, etc. There was a good selection of pinup magazines in the forties, such as "Beauty Parade," "Titter," "Whisper," "Flirt," "Wink," or "Eyeful," to name a few.

The term "pin-up" first appeared in .

Pin-up models were mostly fashion models, glamour models, or actresses whose erotic photos were intended for men. The black and white images sometimes were sometimes hand-colored to give them more life.

The most popular pin-ups were Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Bettie Page, Gene Tierney, Raquel Welch, Farrah Fawcett, etc.

Amateur erotic productions of beautiful strippers and nude models performing posing or dancing routines abounded in the . Porn stars and pin-up models of the era were often photographed from unusual angles to accentuate their beautiful attractions - big breasts, curvy asses, and hairy pussies.

Nudes of the : beautiful vintage girls

It was too expensive for most men to attend live burlesque shows with topless dancing beauties. Working class men could mostly afford to be satisfied with nude photos of busty girls.

The movie industry had begun to decline after World War II, and most of Hollywood's stars were already aging and slowing down. Even though Burlesque leaned toward the more risqué side of female nudity, it gradually lost its popularity.

Since hardcore porn loops were illegal in the , many men had to masturbate by looking at erotic cheesecake photos and pictures in the girlie and nudist magazines.

"Cheesecake" was used to describe a genre of erotic photography and poster art made popular by the wartime pin-ups of the , often featuring sexy poses of burlesque and movie stars with lots of leg but little explicit nudity.

Girlie magazines usually featured nude or partially nude young women in erotic poses.

Nudist magazines focused on naturism or nudism as a lifestyle. Although sexual nudity was absent from the pages of nudist magazines, their photographs led to accusations of appealing to consumers of pornography. However, naturist magazines had plenty of sexually arousing pictures of full-frontal naked women.

Then there were the calendar girls - the illustrated pin-up babes of artists like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, who offered sex-hungry men everything from girl-next-door to sex goddess.

sex stars in raw hardcore porn

Experimental and avant-garde cinema mostly featured amateur women willing to get naked or even fuck on camera for money. Directors couldn't afford porn stars in their movies, that's why.

Blue or stag films were secretly shot in private homes and then distributed discreetly because it was illegal to view or possess them.

Forbidden cinema was short in duration (usually around 10 minutes or less) and silent. Such porn movies were the only way for men to see raw hardcore fucking and discover new sex poses: group sex, cum swallowing, 69...

In stag reels, women often appeared naked, lying down on beds or sitting in chairs. They masturbated their hairy pussies to get wet, then sucked the cocks of male co-stars and were fucked in various positions.

Men didn't usually cum on women's faces or in their mouths, and anal sex was taboo at the time.

The fashion & typical clothing style of nude models in the

Most women's fashion in the was designed to create an hourglass silhouette, with padded square shoulders, nipped-in high-waisted tops, tiny waists, and A-line above-the-knee skirts.

In the forties, dresses became shorter: knee length and with no cleavage! All dress top designs were modest, showing very little skin compared to today's fashions.

Underwear was a staple of feminine fashion. Women's underwear was all about creating a silhouette that accentuated the breasts and buttocks.

Bullet bras were all the rage in the forties. By the mid-, it was accepted that bras were necessary to shape the breasts.

The ideal figure for most women was petite and curvy, and large breasts were increasingly associated with sex appeal.

Nylon stockings reached to the thighs and were held in place with garters.

The sexy vintage porn stars, strippers, pin-ups, and nude models of the , along with many dedicated photographers and publishers, created tons of erotic and pornographic content that you can now enjoy on Vintage Cuties.

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