Top Vintage Pornstars, Pin-ups and Classic Nude Actresses from the 1950s

The was marked by the sexual revolution, which brought the world dozens of beautiful vintage porn stars. More women entered the sex industry, leading to an unprecedented popularity of pornography. Porn became more accessible and affordable.

Burlesque Dancers in the 1950s

In the , Burlesque wasn't a new form of entertainment but it was becoming trendy among men.

The idea behind Burlesque was to strip away everything but a woman's sexuality. This allowed the audience to see the dancer underneath the clothes. Some retro burlesque girls wore bathing suits, and others showed off their bare breasts.

Women who performed in Burlesque began to use makeup and costumes to transform themselves into exotic creatures such as mermaids, angels, and fairies. They were often called "strippers" during this time. However, many preferred to call themselves "sexy beauties" or "dames de spectacle" because they felt that stripping was demeaning.

This led to the development of the "burlesque look," in which vintage performers wore corsets, high heels, fishnet stockings, and garter belts. And the rise of pornography meant that many dancers were now being paid by the hour rather than by the performance.

Many famous burlesque dancers became nude models or even pornographic actresses. The girls were happy to pose nude for the cameras. They loved having their bodies admired. And the extra money for that surely didn't hurt either.

Striptease in the '50s

By the early , there were over 200 strip clubs in California alone.

Strippers in the were mostly dancers from Broadway shows who were hired to perform at parties and clubs. Some strippers began to earn money as models. They would pose nude for photographers and earn extra money.

There were several reasons why people liked to watch strippers. One reason was that it was exciting to watch someone get undressed. Another reason was that it was erotic and sexually arousing.

Most nightclubs had a stage where the strippers performed and private rooms where customers could watch the show. Sometimes the girls would be asked to masturbate while posing. Or they would be asked to suck cock.

Vintage striptease dancers were often paid by the movie studio, but some would charge extra for private sessions. They had little control over what happened during these sessions, including oral sex to anal penetration.

Pin-up Modelling in the 1950s

While most of the babes were employed as exotic dancers in nightclubs and bars, many began appearing in pin-up magazines. Some weren't even ashamed to spread their legs to expose their pussies.

In the early , pin-ups were photographed in black and white, but later, the color pornography began to make its way.

By the end of the , there were hundreds of different pin-up magazines. The performers were often exploited by producers who used them sexually and financially. This was especially true for those who lived in big United States cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Many of these stage queens traveled around the country, giving private erotic performances for wealthy businessmen.

Pornographic Actresses in the '50s

During the , thousands of vintage porn stars worked in the adult film industry. Many of the actresses were amateurs who had never acted before.

Most porn films were produced in Europe during the 5th decade. These films were often amateurish, and many of them had poor production values.

The new starlets were usually young girls who participated in extreme sex acts. They showed off their big tits and hairy wet pussies for the camera. Some of these ladies also appeared in magazine pictorials.

The movie industry took notice, and many actresses were lured into the world of adult entertainment. The XXX actresses were given small roles in the movies. They were only expected to show their breasts or spread their legs.

The woman would undress slowly, often teasingly, and then she would masturbate herself while being filmed. Then the man would come in and the porn star would have to perform oral sex on his stiff cock and then move on to some hardcore sex action.

We salute the classic pornstars of the who made it in the adult entertainment industry and left a legacy for future generations.

Vintage Porn Stars of the 1950s:

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