Top Vintage Pornstars, Pin-ups and Classic Nude Actresses from the 1980s

While porn may have really started gaining mainstream in the 70s, the brought some of the most admired stars in the adult entertainment industry. If you've never taken a peek at the past when it comes to porn, was a great decade to start your historical adventure in porn cum experiences especially if you love blonde bombshells!

This era gave us the porn foundation that modern porn takes from today! This was the time where porn became readily accessible through the VCR. Back in the , one could buy or rent XXX flicks and watch them in bed. It also became a lot less expensive to create porn films, which meant that the amount of porn available was way more than the previous decades.

The 80s, as well as every decade prior, was known for porn stars having a lot of . Additionally, the actresses in the industry were all natural and breasts were not augmented.

Some of the most popular stars of the adult entertainment industry make their debut and become well-known and adored in the .

Below you will notice a list of . These names were big in the 80s and many of these adult entertainers continued past the 80s.

Back in the 80s, adult films had plots and were gloriously low-budget films full of stars who would later cross over to mainstream entertainment.

It was the age of big hair, big fashion and big technological advances. After the social shifts of the and 1970s which were marked by sexual liberalism and cultural revolutions in the West, the 1980s were largely dominated by greed and wealth.

Anyone over the age of 40 will probably be familiar with the female porn stars of the 1980s; some in an intimate and nostalgic way.

Yet, even millennials will probably know some of the big names of this decade including the notorious Traci Lords, the infamous Cicciolina and the legendary Bambi Woods.

You can't have a porn scene without the stars and whilst the names of the films themselves might elude you sometimes, most of us will remember the names of our favorite performers.

So, what were the names on everyone's lips in the when it came to which VHS to purchase?

If you have a favorite , she's probably on this list, and well-known with those who owned the VHS collection of her work.

Most of the actresses made their way in through bikini modeling and stripping, and a few of the more famous actresses are still household names today.

A handful of the vintage pornstars did make the transition into mainstream acting and were successful in it. The large majority of vintage pornstars, though, simply worked in porn until they were too old to be filmed having sex any longer.

Vintage Porn Stars of the 1980s:

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