Top Vintage British Pornstars: Best Classic Actresses from UK

Vintage British porn stars have been making history for decades now. These women are known around the world as they are some of the hottest pornstars ever to grace the screen.

The careers of these retro adult performers span across many years and genres, from softcore to hardcore, from fetish to BDSM, and more!

Beautiful British Pin-Up Models

The British have an impressive history of producing some of the most beautiful women in the world. From the to the , Britain was home to many of the finest pin-up models who graced the covers of magazines around the globe, such as "Mayfair", "Knave", "Fiesta", "Whitehouse"...

It's been said that if there were a "Hall of Fame" for pinup girls, the Brits would be at the top of the list. Their bodies were perfect: tits were big and full, pussies were wet and hairy, and their faces looked innocent.

The most famous thing about sex actresses from the United Kingdom was their ability to give amazing blowjobs. They were always willing to do anything to please a cock. These classic ladies sucked dicks like vacuum cleaners. They licked balls, kissed asses, and swallowed every drop of cum.

The first wave of British pinup models arrived in the and . This group consisted of young, big-breasted women who posed nude for photographers and then sold the photos to magazines. These girls weren't afraid to show off their naughty side either, from wearing sexy lingerie to fucking like crazy.

British Porn in the 1960s and 1970s

In the , British porn started to get better. Some directors began filming orgies and anal sex. This made it easier for viewers to enjoy the action and spend more on adult entertainment.

In the , Brits produced more hardcore scenes than ever before, and British porn was dominated by big tits and ass. Cum swallowing became the norm as British sex stars deep-throated on screen with great relish.

During the , another group of British pinup girls emerged. These women were known as "bondage queens" because they often participated in BDSM scenes. It wasn't uncommon for women to participate in gang bangs and double penetration.

In Great Britain, the was a time of sexual revolution and free love. It was also a time when pornography entered the mainstream.

Classic British Porn Stars:

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