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Mouthwatering big busty vintage nude model Cheri Pinegar boasts huge breasts with a sexy teardrop shape that caused men to rush out and snap up the magazines she for. Her sensual curves are easy to fall in love with as she fondles her titties, touches her hairy pussy, plays with beautiful girls in tease pics, and even fucks in a big busty .

Good looking pornstar Cheri Pinegar aka Julia with massive droopy breasts and a fuzzy pussy

Good looking pornstar Cheri Pinegar with massive droopy tits and a hairy pussy

Half native American babe naked in big tits men's magazines

Like so many pinups of the , Cheri Pinegar has largely been forgotten by all but those that crave the sexy sight of busty magazine babes from long ago. She was a unique treat, being one of the few girls of German nationality to bare her 48DD/E US (110E EU/Int, see Table 2) boobs on camera, and what wondrous knockers they were.

This stacked retro pornstar made her most significant mark in pictures, posing for magazines like "Busty" and "Fling," keeping her breasts in front of the adoring public for as long as she desired and retiring only when posing no longer appealed to her. She posed for some men's magazines under the alias Julia.

In addition to her Native heritage, Cheri Pinegar stood out thanks to her 47-26-34 inches (119-65-86 centimeters, see Table 1) body and almost constant tan lines and her sexual openness that made her largely seem far naughtier than most girls. She clearly spent a great deal of time in a bikini since almost every shoot she did features those tan lines, which are most arousing on her .

The milky white skin that rested under her swimsuit contrasts nicely with the tanned skin around it, making her a mouthwatering treat. As you browse pictures of her big tits the nipples will look particularly appetizing, and your lips will feel a strong urge to be wrapped around them, sucking lustily.

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Sexy outdoor pinup pictures of busty Cheri Pinegar fondling her knockers

More than most vintage pinups, Cheri Pinegar was photographed outdoors, perhaps due to her mixed heritage and the photographer's desire to remind people she had Native American blood in her. She seems comfortable in nature, particularly in a black and white shoot where she was under shady trees while in a pair of with a skimpy garter belt. She's so full of life, so vivacious in those shots that you can easily see why she was lusted after by the men of the era.

She had a relaxed, babe feel to her in almost all her work, which is perhaps due to the time she spent in California (USA). When you're by the ocean all the time you relax without even thinking about it, and she mastered communicating that look in her hot .

This chesty star rarely wore anything more than the simplest makeup, preferring the fresh-faced California look to anything fancy or overwhelmingly glamorous. Like any successful model, she knew what made her look hottest. For the same reason, her toenails and fingernails were almost always free of polish and were instead kept natural and clean.

Among the most arousing work Cheri Pinegar (also known as Julia Winger, Joyce Spaeth and Joyce Grable) ever did was a set of with a , small-breasted girl. Hottest among those pics is a shot of the girl kissing Cheri's tits with such lust, her lips caressing the soft white flesh of those . In another they're pressed together in the pool, their bodies are wet and slippery as their lips touch in a tender , the lesbian lust they feel for each other sealed.

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Hairy bush babe lets you see her tight pussy lips in color and b&w

Like almost every girl of her time, Cheri had a lovely . She kept hers trimmed, so her pussy lips are in full view when she goes bottomless for a picture (which is most of the time). The sex kitten has one of the tightest looking cunts you'll ever see on a pin-up model as the lips fold inward, making it enormously appealing for guys that dream of eating her out or her. Her legs are slender and smooth, a wondrous treat for guys that love the lower half of a hottie, and the they lead up to is equally breathtaking. She has a genuinely perfect body, including the DD/E US (E EU/Int) cup titties that were the stars of any gallery she showed up in.

Cheri's work is split nearly evenly between color and black and white, with the latter almost entirely coming at the beginning of her career. She's more active than most girls in her pictures, fondling and rubbing her breasts, her ass, and even her a little.

It's sexy to watch her play with the and dream of doing the same thing. This hot temptress was fond of wearing for her , recognizing that men have always loved to stare at legs in . It was rare for her to pose in anything other than her stockings as she preferred to keep her pussy and tits fully exposed for her fans to ogle.

The lovely Cheri Pinegar starred in one movie in her career. It begins with her poolside in a bikini as she flirts with her handsome partner. He takes her up to his apartment, and they quickly strip naked and get busy in the bed. Kissing and groping her big boobs gets him hard, and she sits on him and takes his rock hard cock into her pussy in reverse cowgirl, riding with her hairy hole as he moans. She climbs off, and they move into a with tender and incredible oral sex from Cheri. She's quite the , and it's not long before his load spews.

Cheri's a more memorable pinup than most, in part because of her incredible body with tan lines and in part because of her irresistibly joyful personality that comes through in every photo. It's more arousing to stroke to a girl like that because you can't help but imagine she'd be exceptionally fun in the bedroom.

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Cheri Pinegar body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Cheri Pinegar physical body statistics
Bust size47 in119 cm
Waist size26 in65 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements47-26-34 in119-65-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Cheri Pinegar?

Table 2

Cheri Pinegar bra size and breast cup size
Bra size48DD/E110E48DD125E10E26DDE110
What bra and cup size did Cheri Pinegar wear?
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