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1960s pinup babe Linda West used her voluptuous body, and to entice and arouse the magazine buying men of the burlesque era into lusty stroke sessions. With a charming smile, sweet eyes, and to die for this buxom lived to go topless and turn guys on in beautiful pinup pictures.

Sweet shorthaired girl Linda West with luxurious earrings and giant squishy breasts with dark nipples

Sweet short-haired girl Linda West with luxurious earrings and giant soft tits with dark nipples

Born in New York City (USA) in (age 94), Linda West came to modeling later than most, beginning her career in the well past her 30th birthday. Take one look at her and you can tell why she ended up in the pages of naughty magazines, what with a gigantic pair of natural boobs and a thick, curvy body meant to inspire passionate fantasies.

Before getting into topless posing for pictures she was a , moving her big body on stage in an alluring manner as she stripped from lingerie to bare her huge titties to all as the hoots and hollers of horny men filled the air.

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Burlesque beauty takes her talents to magazines in pinup pics

Linda's career trajectory was similar to many lovely big-breasted women of her era. She began as a in New York City (USA), shaking her ass on stage and taking her clothes off to put on a show. She wasn't known for any particular moves, relying instead on her gigantic 46DDD/F US (105F EU/Int, see Table 2) boobs to do most of the work. They were more than up to the task, resulting in steady work in various corners of the adult business for the better part of two decades.

While dancing, this vintage pornstar was recruited to star in stag films. There's little information available on them and it's difficult to get your hands on one, but they're the only chance you have to see her in action. Without a doubt, you'll be the lucky one to watch enormous melons of Linda in if you join Vintage Cuties now. Expect plenty of her bouncing around, perhaps a bit of flirty action with other girls and lots of .

The pin-up modeling came last, and the pictures that resulted are her finest legacy. To experience the topless images of Linda West is to be entranced by her huge natural breasts. She was 5 feet, 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall. Her measurements of 46-26-37 inches (117-66-94 centimeters), DDD/F cup US (F EU/Int) are memorable to say the least though based on her size in various images it's safe to assume that she gained some weight as her career went on. She was beautiful from start to finish though, since a body like hers only gets curvier as she puts on weight, making her even sexier to ogle.

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Linda West shakes & jiggles her big breasts & nipples

Linda West - short hair brunette with big round tits and a curvaceous ass

Her big boobs look as deliciously arousing as possible with a stunningly round shape, like two cantaloupes on her chest. In most poses, she would lean forward, an action that made her titties just a little bit sexier to look at as they took on a slightly rounder shape.

Linda would often place her hands under her tits and give a little lift, feeling the soft flesh that every man flipping through the magazine was dreaming of. That's a as it frames the boobs and gives them a bit of perkiness, both of which are good things. She had perfectly round areolas with in the middle. This MILF was apparently blessed in the breast department.

Her body outside of her titties is the very definition of voluptuous, and she's irresistible. Broad hips and a big ass make her lower half pleasant to look at, and her stomach is full and sexy, though often obscured in pictures. Perhaps she wasn't terribly comfortable with it being on display, or perhaps she only wanted you to concentrate on her big boobs.

Her legs were perfectly proportioned with the rest of her body, with thick thighs to support her exceptional bust and . This large-breasted star declined to show her in any of her pictures, keeping her legs crossed when she was without panties.

Throughout her career, Linda West went with a short haircut, utilizing many styles over the years. Hair can say a lot about a woman, and she liked to change it up to keep things interesting. Sometimes it was smooth and simple while other times it was wavy and flirty. Her smile is wide with an upturned upper lip. She was a fan of red lipstick, often leaving her lips shiny and full looking to make her fans dream of kissing her. This chesty classic MILF had a habit of sticking the tip of her tongue out just a little in many of her pictures, and it's the most adorable thing in the world. It makes her seem flirty and fun like she's showing off a bit of personality along with her huge boobs.

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Panties and stockings on buxom american nude magazine model

Peruse the body of work that Linda West compiled and you'll see panties, stockings and other pieces of lingerie here and there. You'll see her in a variety of mostly indoor locations though none is particularly remarkable. More than most vintage pinup babes she wanted everyone to focus on her big tits. They are unquestionably the centerpiece and sometimes the only part of a picture she seems to want you staring at. That's not a problem, of course since her breasts are breathtaking and when they're so large and round there's little reason to turn your attention from them.

There is a lovely lingerie picture where she's in a sheer robe with fuzzy white trim that looks almost like a practice shot as she's staring off, but the boobs are framed nicely by her arms. With the exception of all but a few pictures, Linda posed , filling up the screen with her titties. There's an excellent shoot where she and two other big-breasted brunettes go topless and show off their hooters.

If huge tits on a curvy chick make your rod rock hard, then Linda West is the girl of your dreams. The 1960s pin-up model was in her 30s when she started her career, and she brought her experiences on the burlesque stage to print, delighting horny men in need of a babe to bring them off. Join Vintage Cuties and see most of her pinup pictures to check out her immense knockers, her flirty smile with the tongue sticking out, and her big ass if you join today.

Linda West body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Linda West physical body statistics
Height5 ft 3 in160 cm
Bust size46 in117 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements46-26-37 in117-66-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Linda West?

Table 2

Linda West bra size and breast cup size
Bra size46DDD/F105F46E120F9F24EF105
What bra and cup size did Linda West wear?
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