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The invention of nylon in kicked off a long overdue textile revolution across the globe, starting in America. It was a new dawn for high-fashion apparel, particularly sexy outfits for the ladies, including sleek corsets, nylon stockings, blouses, tight dresses, and several others.

Anything that was sexy enough back in the day, like in modern contemporary society, had a way of finding itself in porn, and nylon outfits were no exception. Soon the stag films of the time started featuring hot pin-up models in tempting nylon stockings and hot babes stripteasing to reveal sexy nylon foundation garments underneath.

Soon the American company responsible for the manufacture of nylon fabrics switched its attention to serving the military during World War II by making nylon parachute fabrics, heavy-duty PVC canvas for trucks et al.

This meant the fashion trend faded during the war and resurfaced in the '50s throughout the '80s. Our vintage nylon porn videos show the naughty babes at the time in sexy nylon foundation garments in vintage porn sets.

They look hot in nylon stockings and other nylon tights and are as promiscuous as they appear. Watch the lucky men of the 1950s help the girls undress and then fuck their brains out in steamy decades-old stag films.

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