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The first thing anyone should say when they see photos of Chesty Morgan is "I have no idea what the cup size on those would be!!!" Despite their gargantuan size, her tits were shapely and smooth, and the nipples and areolas were nicely proportioned, too. This looked like she could breastfeed the entire army of a small country. Her boobs could earn her a in a circus sideshow. Yes, they were that big.

Cute blonde Chesty Morgan in a photo shoot with her large smooth breasts

Cute blonde Chesty Morgan in a photo shoot with her large squishy tits

No one could have predicted Chesty Morgan's bust would grow to such proportions. She was born under the name Ilana Wajc to a Jewish family in Warsaw, Poland in (age 86). According to all reports, Chesty was petite in her younger years. For obvious reasons, the family fled Poland (and Europe for that matter) and ended up in the .

Not a lot is known about this busty beauty prior to when she started entertaining men with her mammoth tits except that she was a widow with a family in tow when she began dancing. In fact, Chesty gave every appearance that she would have nothing to do with the adult entertainment industry. This enormously related a story about a boyfriend who took her to a strip club. She said "I got so mad at him that I broke off with him. This dancing was something beyond my imagination, you understand." However, with a worsening personal financial situation, this chesty darling started performing in men's clubs in , when she was 19 years old.

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Chesty Morgan goes from failure to the top of men's adult entertainment in North America

Her early performances were a flop. In Chesty Morgan's first appearance on stage, she forgot to take off her and got chewed out by the club owner. The did not know how to dance. However, for some strange reason, the club owner saw potential in this beauty and hired a choreographer to teach her how to move just right. And this work paid off. By , this big-titted queen was a popular nightclub act. Advertisements for her appearances ran with such bylines like "The world's chestiest exotic, she defies science! Fabulous!! Incredible!! Amazing! Fantastic!!... What your eyes see, you must believe!!! Stageland's biggest attraction!"

She performed under variations of the names Liliana Wilczkowska, Zsa Zsa, Lillian Stello, Chesty and Gabor. It is unknown how she adopted the name Chesty Morgan, but by she used this name in all performances.

It is easy to see why this beauty was so popular in men's clubs in the . Her massive 73-inch (185 centimeters) bust (held in place by a PP/Q US (U EU/Int) cup size bra) thrust out towards the camera demanding attention from the entire world. While there is no way to describe these natural tits as "firm" or "perky," there is something attractive and yummy about them. The milky, smooth skin on her was amazingly free of any stretch marks.

However, the rest of Chesty Morgan was equally attractive as well. She had gorgeous that was always shaped into the hairstyles of the time. This vixen had an amazingly beautiful face and full lips that were very photogenic. This bombshell also knew how to pose her looks and her facial features for the camera lens. She could appear playful, lustful, or sexy and sultry for the camera on the slightest impulse. Amazingly, the rest of this bombshell was very petite - she only wore a size 5 dress and weighted 118 pounds (54 kilograms)! Although this well-endowed burlesque star hardly ever showed her ass in pictures or when dancing, the outline in her clothing showed a tight rear end that reflected how hard she worked as a performer.

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Voluptuous MILF Chesty Morgan exposes huge boobs

Chesty Morgan allowed gentlemen to touch her enormous boobs on stage as she danced

Once she had established her name, the of this woman were dancing on stages all over the Northeastern United States. Clubs' owners instantly recognized the draw of a woman with a bust this huge. One club owner in Boston credited Chesty with single-highhandedly saving his club from bankruptcy: "She was like a goddess out of the heavens for us. She saved the theater and I hope she can do it again." It is easy to see why this darling was so successful. This owner of the largest breasts instinctively knew how to draw in crowds and interact with the audience. Her work ethic was unparalleled.

Chesty Morgan would routinely dance three times a night for 25 minutes each performance. She frequently wore loose, see-through negligee that had no hope of covering up her tits. Her act involved dancing, speaking with audience members, and inviting a lucky few gentlemen to the stage's edge to gently touch and feel her whoppers. This babe had a unique philosophy about and her 73-32-36 inches (185-81-91 centimeters, see Table 2) body. "My boobs belong to the world," she said. "They're attached to my body, but they belong to the public. My heart is as big as my chest." Her success allowed this busty queen to make $6,000 to $8,000 per week dancing, and she only had to work four months a year.

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This titanic-titted cutie keeps on dancing for decades and tries to go mainstream

The mammoth 74PP US (175U EU/Int, see Table 3) breasts on this 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimeters) cutie did not relegate her to only. She did get bit parts and minor roles in movies as well. Doris Wishman cast her in two sexploitation films - "Deadly Weapons" () and "Double Agent 73" (). She was later featured in the John Waters movie "Serial Mom."

Although Chesty Morgan appeared very down to earth and straightforward about her professional life, some controversy did follow her. Some media in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) protested her act as "sexist." She was prosecuted in liquor license suspended, and no courts bought her argument that the performance and breast-fondling were "protected speech."

By this big-titted bombshell was ready to retire. She last danced on a live stage in Houston, Texas () in at the age of 54. Chesty's career spanned 19 years. She made a few appearances in the mid to late '90s in men's magazines, but the years had a toll. Her face was noticeably more wrinkled, and her hair was graying. However, those still lunged out at the camera lens like two whales breaching the ocean surface.

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Chesty Morgan body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Chesty Morgan wiki and facts
BornOctober 15, 1937 (age 86)
Years active1972-1991
Started around35 years old
In business19 years
AliasesIlana Wajc, Liliana Wilczkowska, Lillian Stello, Zsa Zsa, Chesty, Gabor
What are the interesting facts about Chesty Morgan?

Table 2

Chesty Morgan physical body statistics
Height5 ft 5 in165 cm
Weight118 lb54 kg
Bust size73 in185 cm
Waist size32 in81 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements73-32-36 in185-81-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Chesty Morgan?

Table 3

Chesty Morgan bra size and breast cup size
Bra size74PP/Q175U74L190U23U52TR175
What bra and cup size did Chesty Morgan wear?
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