Dominique Prevot - 1970s Hairy Teen with Puffy Nipples and Pouty Lips

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When this vintage porn star looks into the camera with her dark eyes, brunette hair, big tits with , and sensual, pouty lips, Dominique Prevot (sometimes also credited as Dominique Prévot, Misty Donovan, Sandy and Dana Johnson) smolders with sensuality. Every ounce of her being oozes sex and just a minor arch of her back or turn of her hip can reveal another sexy curve that will drive you wild.

Beautiful Dominique Prevot with silky swollen tits brushes her gorgeous long hair

Beautiful Dominique Prevot with soft swollen tits brushes her gorgeous long hair

Dominique's early work in black and white burns with passion

It was the early but many photographers that shot and nude models still worked in black and white. Like many models, Dominique Prevot had to start from the bottom and work her way up. While many of her early shoots were marred with lower quality cameras, poor lighting and general lack of craft, even those issues couldn't contain her explosive sexuality that jumped off the page.

Captured on film, Dominique's puffy, perky 34DD/E US (75E EU/Int, see Table 1) tits were a work of art worthy of the masters. Her large nipples puffed up and were decorated with goose bumps when she got turned on while her long, flowing hair had just the right amount of natural curve to it that it cascaded over her shoulders like a waterfall tumbling down her sexy body and onto her fantastic .

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Dominique's incredible body sets and bucks trends

Dominique's body both followed and bucked the trend. While many still had a fuller, more Rubenesque figure, Dominique Prevot was slightly more slender. Sure, when this star stood with her hands firmly planted on her shapely hips in a stance that conveyed her sassy, fun attitude, she had some wicked curves, but in her you could see the foreshadowing of the upcoming trends of thinner models that would become very popular in years to come.

Her pussy, however, was a full representation of everything that made the 1970s great. With Dominique, the carpet matched the drapes, and her thick thatch left no question that she was 100% all woman!

From her very first shoots, Dominque was never shy about showing off her incredible bush. Even in shoots where this busty teenage harlot would start out in an outfit or have on some , she would eventually end up nude with that wondrous secret garden on full display.

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Later, Dominique Prevot works in color and exposes her flawless form

It didn't take long before more well-known magazines like "Casino Bustouts," "Carnival" and "Dapper" were hiring Dominique to grace their pages. Some people remember seeing photos of topless Dominique advertised in the classified sections of various newspapers, such as "National Spotlife" with soft x-rated stories.

In one amazing shoot, we spend a day with Dominique Prevot starting as she wakes in bed and slowly slips off her . This hairy pussy model sleeps topless, and her large natural boobs are perked up and begging for attention. She slowly drags a rose across her then settles in on a blanket and enjoys eating a banana. As her day goes on, she ends up with fully and rose petals all over her creamy white skin.

From stunning to just wearing a button up shirt that she forgot to button up, Dominique's body complimented any clothing she chose to wear and then discard. With the simple pout of her sensual lips, this sexy babe could convey more than most women could with a written essay. Sultry, seductive, bold, and beautiful, Dominique Prevot is the perfect pin-up girl!

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Dominique Prevot breast and bra sizes

Table 1

Dominique Prevot bra size and breast cup size
Bra size34DD/E75E34DD90E3E12DDE75
What bra and cup size did Dominique Prevot wear?
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