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Gorgeous (and sometimes brunette) Gloria Dawn looks like a '60s catalog model that discovered beautiful nude modeling was much more fun. Her body is lean with sexy flared hips, , and a sexy tummy that is utterly flawless in both full color and black and white images taken by talented photographers and filled with boundless joy.

Beautiful blonde Gloria Dawn pops her breasts out of a gorgeous see-through blouse

Beautiful blonde Gloria Dawn pops her tits out of a gorgeous see-through blouse

1960s Gloria Dawn was born on (age 83) and began her career in Los Angeles (USA), shooting for photographer Peter Gowland in , when she was 22 years old. At that point, she lived in L.A. with her though she would soon move away, leaving Gloria on her own to model while working another job.

She chose the name Gloria Dawn so guys wouldn't be able to look her up in the phone book and make creepy calls (that was smart on her part). She confesses to being and not knowing what she was doing, though it doesn't show in her pictures.

This is what Shannon Moeser aka Gloria Dawn herself wrote to Vintage Cuties:

I was a D-cup. 32D US (70D EU/Int, see Table 2), at least when I was a blonde. As a brunette, I wasn't much smaller, maybe 32C+ US (70D+ EU/Int). It also depends on which side the photograph was taken from as my right breast was a half-cup smaller than my left breast.

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Gloria modeled until , living in the "Hollywood Studio Club" and frequently working with photographers like Ron Vogel, Donald G Klumpp, Michael LeRoy, Sam Wu, and many others. Though her active modeling career was remarkably short, only 3 years, she took enough pictures to appear in magazines all the way through , giving the impression that she worked quite a bit longer and keeping her in the public eye, or at least the men's magazine buying public's eye.

In , after her retirement, she changed her name to Shannon Dawn Moeser and enrolled in college at Simon Fraser University. She received a Ph.D. in , graduating from McGill University with a Doctor of Philosophy. Further education included a Master in Business Administration in . The point, of course, is that she's far from the typical troubled girl that goes into modeling because she needs cash. This is a smart girl that saw a way to make good money at a time when she needed that.

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Perhaps her innate intelligence is why her work is imbued with a higher level of class and sexiness than most ladies of her era. Without fail, ever picture looks like a beautiful work of art as opposed to a trashy image of a slut. Clearly she knew how to pick high-quality photographers and demand that only fantastic pictures were taken.

From to her pictures appeared in magazines like "Topper," "Nugget," "Escapade," "Tip Top," "Jaquar," "Sir" and "Candlelight," among others. Hundreds of pictures were published, and many remain today, allowing for a breathtaking perusal during a stroke session. Throughout her modeling career magazines also published Gloria's photos using the names Dallas Blair, Susan Norman, Leslie Southern, Corinne Curry, Cherry Chadwick, Donna Cole and Mary Hayes.

For most of her work, Gloria Dawn is a beautiful emanating a sense of innocence. For two months, and , this vintage pornstar modeled as a , working with three photographers. It's a simple change, but those dark-haired pictures feel just a bit sexier, perhaps because she could feel it too and filled her poses with greater lust.

For her career, Gloria's hair was short and wavy, as was popular in the early 1960s. In many ways she embodied the looks of a typical of the time; she was just better looking and almost always nude in her pictures. She was what men dreamed of their wives being, sweet looking but ultimately naughty and willing to pose in sexy sheer lingerie or strip naked while on a boating trip because it would please their husbands.

Because her picture sets were always classy affairs, Gloria Dawn always looked perfect. Her hair was always flawlessly styled with loose curls and waves. Her makeup was simple, as was fitting for the times, with a lipstick being the only noticeable addition. This symbol preferred to have long fingernails with a French manicure or beautiful polish, thinking it was a classier look (she was right about that).

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Though some of her pictures were , Gloria was fond of and sometimes would pose in full outfits. Of particular note is a sexy set shot in a ghost town where she's in a beautiful floral dress with black stockings and high heels to go with it. She unbuttons the dress to reveal her sexy D cup and touches the tops of her in a remarkably sensual way.

Other pictures find her in sexy , a garter belt, and high heels, or with an unbuttoned cardigan revealing her incredible boobs. In other sets, you'll find her modeling the fashion of the day, like high waist pants that hug her perfect booty. The few images of her in sheer baby dolls are truly breathtaking as her breasts can be admired through them.

An impressive variety of locations was used to capture the beauty of Gloria Dawn in various ways over her short modeling career. The aforementioned ghost town is the boldest of them, but she could often be found , whether it was posing poolside or frolicking in the garden in a pair of skimpy panties.

Most pictures are Gloria on her own, but there's a series of fantastic images where she's on a boat with a group as they have what looks like a great party. The girls all get topless, showing off their perfect tits, and they go swimming for a few images.

Gloria Dawn is still alive and well, having retired 60 years ago (in ) to pursue her academic degrees and raise her son. This classic siren left an indelible imprint as a classy pin-up with beautiful boobs, charming good looks, and a penchant for picking high-quality photographers to craft top-notch image sets. Vintage Cuties has amassed an enormous collection with almost all of her content and browsing what the pinup beauty offers is sure to please.

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Table 1

Gloria Dawn wiki and facts
BornJuly 27, 1940 (age 83)
Years active1962-1965
Started around22 years old
In business3 years
AliasesShannon Moeser, Shannon Dawn Moeser, Dallas Blair, Susan Norman, Leslie Southern, Corinne Curry, Cherry Chadwick, Donna Cole, Mary Hayes
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Table 2

Gloria Dawn bra size and breast cup size
Bra size32D70D32D85D2D10DD70
What bra and cup size did Gloria Dawn wear?
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