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Around the late 1800s, burlesque emerged as a prevalent form of recreation at all-men clubs across the United States. It was more of a subtle sex show anchored on a comical parody that featured a lot of female nudity than your average comedy club or musical theatre.

Enter the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, and the art morphed to include more stripteasing and less comedy. By the '30s and '40s, nearly every club that was a big deal in Vegas and New York City had these luscious showgirls headlining the night.

They were everywhere, including vintage porn. This page revisits the popular vintage burlesque porn videos produced around the period before and after the Great Depression.

The videos feature some of the famous pornstars of the 1950s and 1960s, some that you may recognize. Burlesque was more of a ribald naked dance than deliberate hardcore porn.

The girls would strip slowly while dancing seductively to a horny male audience. They'll shake their ample boobs and treat the lucky patrons to sensual naked dance. The much more fortunate men would caress the big titties and even get closer to grab the girls' obviously dripping cunts.

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