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With an incredible natural presence in front of the camera that one photographer referred to as "beautiful from any angle," June Palmer was one of England's (UK) greatest gifts to the nude magazines of the 1960s. With a wonderfully buxom natural body, a beautiful face with perfectly defined cheekbones, and a pair of that could knock you out of your socks, June had guys from all around the globe making the pages of men's magazines sticky.

Sexy brunette June Palmer in stockings and provocative lingerie show some skin

Sexy brunette June Palmer in stockings and provocative lingerie show some skin

Luscious lips, shapely hips, and big round tits made fans out of brits!

Born in London in , June Palmer didn't start off doing nude magazines like so many other models of that era. This leggy and chesty vintage sex symbol was actually 17 years old when she started out in working as a topless dancer at George Harrison Marks is when her career really skyrocketed though!

Throughout her career, June sometimes went by the names June Power and Rachel Wells, but no matter what name she worked under, this hottie seamlessly transitioned from topless dancer to highly desired and lusted after . Thanks to the popularity of magazines like "Span," "Kamera," "Solo" and "Parade" her nudes were far reaching across both sides of the Atlantic Ocean!

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Magazines bring success to June Palmer and her amazing body to us

Browsing through some of the pictures we have for you at Vintage Cuties, you're going to get to know a hell of a lot about this with the amazing big boobs. June's measurements were 38-23-37 inches (97-58-94 centimeters, see Table 2), 5 feet, 2 ¼ inches (158 centimeters), 115 pounds (52 kilograms). She was stunning in front of the camera, exhibiting a natural aura about her when it came to and striking that right pose to get a reaction from you through the lens.

It didn't hurt that June Palmer had a pair of the best looking huge tits you've ever seen though! Nor does it hurt that she loved to show off every inch, including some of her , which a lot of people would be surprised to see from that era. It definitely added to her clean cut, gorgeous look. And so did the outfits and lingerie she wore before she stripped in front of the camera!

You'll see her hot curves in tight teddies and chemises, plenty of garter belts and stockings, sheer pantyhose that hugged her , see through shirts and teeny bikinis for that era. It's really the stockings and that are going to get you going! Whether it was black and white or color, the sight of her nude body in a pair of are still one of the hottest things that will ever come across your computer monitor!

June's legs were clearly appreciated by some photographers who had her pose in ways that gave us fantastic looks at those long, sexy gams. Whether she was on the in just a bikini bottom or posing with her arms over her head and her curvy body fully exposed, her beautiful legs played a significant role in many pictorials.

The same could be said for her ass. Often overlooked, June Palmer had a world class ass that was just the perfect amount of round and tight. In one shoot where she stands nude on the beach with her back to the camera, her shapely ass looks so incredible that you will find yourself wanting to curl up with it and use it as a pillow.

June was featured throughout the in a number of great magazines of that time, including such top publications in that area like "Fiesta," "Parade," "Sir!" and "Monsieur." She performed under variations of the names, including June Power and Rachel Wells. And with her popularity, this large-breasted retro pornstar even showed up in various horror films like "Taste the Blood of Dracula" in , and "The Nine Ages of Nakedness" in .

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June Palmer is a busty striptease goddess of dreams

In fact, she was in various stages of nakedness throughout all the films she was in, much to our delight. These weren't starring roles unfortunately, but they were good parts that had her fans wanting more of her beautiful curves and bountiful 38DD/E US (85E EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs, of course! She did a few documentaries and other movies that called for bouncing nude girls such as herself, including the documentary "The Dream World of Harrison Marks," featuring the photographer that brought her the most fame. Probably the hottest video action featuring June's huge rack and her stunning naked body can be watched right on Vintage Cuties, you just need to join the site to access members area.

The curvy British babe that kept on bouncing through the sixties

Keep on browsing through all the content that we have of June Palmer, and see that she got spunkier as the decade went on and looked even hotter when the pictures went from black and white to color. We're so used to vivid colors nowadays with our nudes, but there is a real naturalness with black and whites and the early color photos that make gorgeous gals like June stand out for her. Artistic, yes. But quite fetching and boner inducing too!

It really does seem like the older this bosomy classic babe got, the hotter she was, and the curvier her body became. Those boobs never fell like you would expect from such a busty gal. Gravity definitely forgot about those titties, keeping her perky pink straight ahead for us to enjoy.

Other changes for June Palmer in the came in the form of her hair and bush styles. Early on in her career June wore her long hair mostly straight and down over her shoulders. As trends and times changed, she cut it and added some curls to it giving her an entirely different look. She even experimented with lighter colors, but normally that would be for one or two shoots then she was back to being the dark haired goddess that she was.

This gorgeous vintage stunner had started her career out with her fully shaved, but over the years she also experimented with a few different styles. She went full bush in some pictures and had a landing strip in others. However, like her lighter colored hair, those trends didn't seem to last very long as she always went back to her fully shaved look that was very trend setting for the time.

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She wasn't just featured in great pictorials through; June Palmer was also featured in 8 mm films of that era, with one particular one standing out from many others that she did. Part of it is because it's in color, but also because it shows her in a bubble bath enjoying her own body for us to see. We can see her shoulder length hair as the only thing covering her body besides the bubbles, rubbing them into her once she actually gets in the tub, sliding her legs in and out of the tub so we can watch the suds slide off of her. This busty nude beauty really shows off why she's so sexy and sought after!

June Palmer did retire from modeling in the late 1960s, but made another splash in the issue of "Mayfair" at the age of 37 with an awesome pictorial that made everyone fall in love with her again. But that was it for her 20-year modeling life, as she actually got married quite late when she was . We lost her at age 63 in , but thankfully most of her modeling work has been preserved at our site for generations to enjoy.

When she sets the girls free after teasing us while , it's cause for a celebration for sure! And however you choose to celebrate when you look at June in action, or many of the other bodacious from over the years at Vintage Cuties is up to you! What are you waiting for? Join VintageCuties.com right now!

June Palmer body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

June Palmer wiki and facts
BornAugust 1, 1940
DiedJanuary 6, 2004 (aged 63)
Years active1957-1977
Started around17 years old
In business20 years
AliasesJune Power, Rachel Wells
What are the interesting facts about June Palmer?

Table 2

June Palmer physical body statistics
Height5 ft 2 ¼ in158 cm
Weight115 lb52 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements38-23-37 in97-58-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of June Palmer?

Table 3

June Palmer bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38DD/E85E38DD100E5E16DDE85
What bra and cup size did June Palmer wear?
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