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Nowadays, big tits blonde centerfold Bunny Bergman would be called a vintage , and she embodies every bit of what that moniker implies. Beautiful hair, sexual sophistication, long legs, and huge breasts make her a mouthwatering and her delight at being an object of lust in the pages of men's magazines is all the more arousing.

Bunny Bergman aka Jodi English squeezes her breasts while rubbing her shaved pussy

Bunny Bergman squeezes her tits while rubbing her shaved pussy

Huge boobs blonde babe sizzles in the pages of men's magazines

Compared to most of her time, Bunny Bergman (sometimes known as Jodi English) started her career late in life. This retro pornstar was in her mid-30s before she stepped in front of the camera for the first time, and it adds an extra layer of lovely charm to her photo spreads because she looks like a fuckable .

She was active in men's magazines for a short span of years in the early 1970s, showing off her huge breasts in every imaginable way and gladly offering her with its real blonde hair on occasion.

Her natural blonde hair and surname suggest she is of Nordic descent, perhaps coming to us from Sweden before putting down roots in and taking her clothes off for photographers eager to capture images of her boobs. Her natural DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) boobs are what landed her in the pages of magazines like "Fling" and "Gent" and a remarkably slender waist and skill at posing to highlight just how gorgeous her bust was made her a favorite to come back time and again to delight horny guys.

Though this large-chested vintage MILF was an older woman by the time she stripped naked for magazines, Bunny Bergman displays a flirty youthfulness in her photos, often with a twinkle in her eye and a sly smile that offers a sense of warmth along with her undeniable sexiness.

She kept her body in amazing shape, so she looks tighter than most of her big-breasted contemporaries that often preferred to present a curvy look to the world. Bunny looks fit in every shot and in those that offer a clear view of her stomach you can tell she must have worked out.

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MILF blonde in lingerie always shows her huge natural tits

Lingerie poses were typical for the vintage blonde bombshell, including stocking with hold-ups that would leave her legs encased in soft and sexy nylon, leaving you to imagine how erotic it would be to caress them. Among her most memorable images is a series featuring breathtaking white lace with sheer black that left her breasts exposed. The boobs looked unusually perky in those pictures, and her blonde hair featured just a hint of red, making her seem flirtier than usual.

Bunny Bergman pushed the boundaries with regards to showing her pussy, a fact that sets her apart from many of the early '70s vintage models. She had less than most, and since it was blonde it was easy to see her pussy lips through it.

Some girls would merely open their legs and let the photographer include the vagina in the picture, but Bunny was happy to run her hands through the hair or play with her labia, acting out . This gorgeous satisfies pubic hair lovers in a few shots by running a comb through it or blow drying it, drawing your attention to the beautiful blonde bush growing around her snatch.

At some point in her career, Bunny got a tattoo on the left side of her stomach. Not surprisingly, it's of bunny ears. In some pictures, her skin is smooth and clean and in later work you can spot the rabbit easily. It looks sexy and hints at just a bit of naughtiness in her, something she was consistently able to communicate with her lusty poses.

Like any sexy girl with big tits, she knew that pressing her arms together to highlight the large breasts was an effective way of creating a breathtaking image and she was always happy to do so. She enjoyed fondling her breasts on camera too, taking the massive boobs in her hands and playing with them as images were snapped.

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Sexy eye makeup and luscious lipstick make big tits babe Bunny Bergman even hotter

For most of her career as a sexy , Bunny went with a traditionally sexy makeup look featuring heavy eye shadow, blush for her cheeks, and eyebrow enhancing work. Her lips were usually just a bit glossy though sometimes she would apply lipstick if she wanted to be a bit sexier and more seductive. Her fingernails were almost always tended to, either with a lovely coat of purple or pink nail polish or press-ons to extend their length.

Outside of lingerie it was most common to see Bunny Bergman naked with both her big breasts and hairy blonde pussy exposed. If not, whatever clothes she had on would be unzipped or pulled up to reveal her naughty bits because the purchasers of men's magazines weren't in the mood for fashion models. This stunner with did a series of pictures in a colorful hoodie that are among her sexiest as she uses it skillfully to look exceptionally flirty and fun.

Bunny posed in full color and black and white photos in equal parts in her career and as you peruse her collected content at Vintage Cuties you'll find that when she worked in B&W she tended to be a bit naughtier. Her plays with her tits more use her fingers to spread her pussy lips open so you can get a great look, and wears a lustier, on her face.

It's a different, naughtier side of her personality that proves irresistible as you browse her images. Most of her work is available at Vintage Cuties and given her beauty and skill at arousing men she is a must see.

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