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Teacher porn has been around since classical times; judging by the period, some of the vintage teacher porn videos in our archives were produced. People in the retro era also obsessed and fantasized about the sexy teacher themes. Funny how being around someone for over half a year can evoke sexual feelings.

Watch sensual teacher vs. student porn going back to the Edwardian era. The scenes from this retro porn observe some of the scripts we see today, while others are just crude and erotic at the same time.

Find kinky teachers of the vintage porn era walking in on students fucking in the classroom. Instead of condemning the act, they join in to make it threesomes or group sex. Another typical plot for classic teacher porn is a horny teacher going in to break up a classroom fight. It somehow escalates quickly to a class orgy with the teacher also fucking or getting fucked.

Meet the hot curvy teachers of the Roaring Twenties who shamelessly banged their students in the class for their indiscretions, including poor grades. Teacher porn themes gained popularity during the sexual revolution of the '70s, and we have some of the films produced during this period on this page.

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