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The blonde hair trait is believed to have evolved among the Northern European Caucasian tribes about 11,000 years ago. Over history, blonde women have often been perceived as attractive, and ancient men would pick them over brunettes.

In the same measure, there was a downside to having blonde hair as men considered these women promiscuous as the trait got associated with prostitutes.

Porn history is laced with several examples of incredible blonde performers that charmed their way into the hearts of vintage porn lovers. This page revisits some of the hottest blonde pornstars of the classical era.

We've handpicked some of the most outstanding vintage blonde porn videos from the silent film era to the excellent eighties.

The prominent performers on this page include the 1970s busty centerfold Dawn Knudsen and a hot American burlesque stripper who acted in the '50s and '60s, Jennie Lee, among several others.

These naughty blonde babes live up to the promiscuous tag already thought of them, throwing sensual performances that would give today's porn stars a run for their money.

They suck big cocks, stomach hardcore gangbangs, take in humongous dicks in uncomfortable positions, and are super active around stiff dicks. After all, it was in order to think of them as whores!

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